GMG, one of the fastest-growing conglomerates in the Middle East, is dedicated to attracting and nurturing top talent as it expands its presence in Southeast Asia. Their recent participation in the Malaysia Career & Training Fair (MCTF) provided an ideal platform to showcase GMG’s core values, mission, vision, and current job openings.

In January 2023, GMG inaugurated its Asian headquarters in Malaysia to tap into the thriving sports retail market in Asia.

GMG operates as a global well-being company, engaging in the retail, distribution, and manufacturing of a diverse portfolio of international and local brands spanning sports, everyday products, health and beauty, real estate, and logistics.

Mohammad A. Baker, GMG’s Deputy Chairman and CEO, emphasised the company’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence among its workforce. He stated, “We are dedicated to enhancing our customers’ lives by providing them with top-quality products and an exceptional shopping experience. We cultivate a ‘born to win’ mindset by investing in our employees.

As we continue our global expansion, we recognize the importance of nurturing local talent from the region, as they will be the driving force behind GMG’s success and contribute to the nation’s economy.”

GMG has ambitious plans to open 100 new stores by 2025, creating numerous employment opportunities for Malaysians in various domains, including sales, marketing, internal coordination, planning and logistics, store operations, human resources, training, finance and administration, inventory management, procurement, buying, and information technology, among others.

As GMG strengthens its presence in Malaysia and the wider Southeast Asian region, it is dedicated to implementing strategic initiatives to develop local talent and support local economies, as exemplified by its participation in MCTF.

GMG is also committed to providing training to retail personnel, educating them about the company’s product portfolio and consumer behavior. Additionally, they promote cross-functional knowledge sharing and best practices, such as teaching sales staff about cashier responsibilities and vice versa.

Mahboob Ur Rahman, Vice President – Finance for Asia at GMG, said, “When someone joins GMG, they become an integral part of our legacy. GMG empowers individuals to excel in every endeavor while instilling a deep commitment to enriching the global community. GMG’s support goes beyond just skills; it extends to nurturing individuals who are keen to embark on transformative learning and personal growth journeys.

“Our business in Asia has seen remarkable growth since our entry in late 2020, and we are committed to further expansion. Therefore, hiring and training skilled and talented individuals who align with our company’s values is paramount.”

During MCTF, GMG’s booth attracted over 2,500 visitors, where it had organized various engaging activities and initiatives aimed at leaving a lasting impression on attendees. These activities included on-site interviews with potential candidates, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their skills and qualifications firsthand.

To infuse a sense of fun and camaraderie, GMG arranged interactive games that promoted networking and teamwork, allowing candidates to connect on a deeper level. Tokens of appreciation served as tangible reminders of GMG’s dedication to valuing and nurturing talent, leaving participants with a positive and enduring impression of the company’s culture and ethos.


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