Giving a child the best education possible is the best gift a parent can provide. Education is the great equaliser, opening doors of opportunity for all. An educated society is also wealthier, healthier, and more caring.

In recent years, more and more parents are deciding to send their children to international schools. Though more expensive, education at an international school exposes children to a more diverse environment, and celebration of different cultures creates a welcoming environment for students.

Importantly, English is the language of instruction in international schools – a critical element for students to increase their competence in the language. As students studying in vernacular schools in Malaysia are struggling to cope in English, parents who realize the importance of the language are willing to send their children to international schools because their syllabus is mostly taught in English.

Zenith International School was set up to cater to these needs as the demand for international school among Malaysians has gained popularity. In particular, the British curriculum based on Pearson Edexcel, Oxford International AQA and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) are especially in demand. Zenith is fully accredited by these bodies, as well as the Malaysian Ministry of Education as a private institution.

At Zenith International School, parents will be greeted by a dedicated team of educators and administrators, who are willing to assist and guide them and their children throughout their academic journey. The Zenith culture is to provide holistic learning with emphasis on character building, that is grounded in the best of Eastern values and Western education. In addition to that, Zenith’s international curriculum also offers a strong foundation in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

In providing a holistic education, Zenith requires its students to participate in one club activity as well as one sport. This activity is built into their weekly time table. Competitions are also organized internally for sports and game activities. The school also enrols the students in competitions organized by the State and District Education Boards, competing against students in national schools.

Part of the school’s lessons within the PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) curriculum are activities such as drama classes, debating and other similar activities. All these activities provide an avenue for children to expand their outlook as well as encouraging them to be outgoing and explorative in their nature.

Furthermore, the use of technology is also incorporated into the school’s teaching methods. While traditional lessons, text books, homework and handwritten exams form the backbone for education, multimedia aids and the delivery of certain lessons have been modernized within the Zenith group to accommodate the visual aspects of teaching and to improve the understanding of the lesson being taught by teachers. The school has also made the parents part of this digital movement by incorporating some reporting aspects in a digitized form.

With its affordable fee structure and its unique ‘Locked Fee Policy’, Zenith makes quality education accessible to every parent wanting the best for their child. However, affordability does not mean compromising on quality. Zenith has produced top achievers in the IGCSE examinations, with Gold-Medallists in subject examinations (top in Malaysia and the world) since the first IGCSE examination sitting in 2014. Almost all of Zenith’s graduates have also continued their tertiary education at the world’s top universities. Zenith nurtures its students with the culture of success from the beginning.