Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has collaborated with Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park to deploy the region’s first AI-powered Virtual Queue (VQ) solution that utilises cloud-based technology to deliver seamless guest experiences through the Genting SkyWorlds’ mobile app.

Alibaba Cloud’s VQ Solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable more efficient crowd management and to reduce waiting time dynamically. VQ reservations use advanced AI algorithms and real-time intelligence from the ride wait time to throughput.

This solution allows the operations team to better control crowd distribution and optimise ride capacity. With Alibaba Cloud’s tailored solution for Genting SkyWorlds, the theme park will be able to handle a higher volume of crowd, and manage excessive traffic securely via the cloud platform.

“Thanks to this collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, Genting SkyWorlds is the first theme park in Southeast Asia to feature advanced VQ technology, enabling guests to skip the regular lines and choose what to do when they want.

“With the VQ system integrated into our mobile app, guests will have access to some attractive features, including the ability to reserve preferred rides, attractions, and entertainment based on their preferred time slots, create groups for multiple ticket holders, view recommended itineraries and receive real-time alerts for VQ reservations,” said Greg Pearn, vice president of Theme Park Operations, Resorts World Genting.

“Alibaba Cloud has been recognised globally for its technological innovation, and we are truly excited now to travel on this adventure with Genting SkyWorlds. The VQ Solution, which was specifically designed for Genting SkyWorlds, uses our advanced, robust, and secure cloud technologies to complement the theme park’s exceptional offerings to the guests, who can expect an efficient, and seamless experience, while enabling them to safely maintain social connections,” said Kun Huang, general manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Integrated into Genting SkyWorlds’ mobile app, the VQ and Itinerary Planning service enables guests to make reservations in advance for selected rides, attractions, and entertainment, allowing them to plan their entire experience at the theme park, ahead of their arrival date.

Guests who use the mobile app regularly to reserve VQ slots and follow the recommended
itineraries will be rewarded with benefits such as discount vouchers, and additional VQ reservations. This has been made possible by the Itinerary Planner function, which serves as guests’ personal intelligent assistant that formulates a personalised agenda of adventure at Genting SkyWorlds.

The Itinerary Planner is capable of generating tailor-made itineraries with just a single tap. Guests who purchase their tickets offline can also download the app upon arrival, or can use the VQ kiosks within the theme park to enjoy a similar experience.

With Alibaba Cloud’s proven cloud-based solution, Genting SkyWorlds is able to create a unique experience for guests to celebrate holidays, special events and fun days out. The official Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park mobile app is now available for free download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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