Indonesian social media analytics provider PT Generasi Digital Internasional (GDILab) recently launched GDI Analytics to help small and medium enterprises (SME’s) businesses.

The GDI Analytics service is a Twitter-Facebook-Instagram analytics tools that will help startups and SME companies in marketing their products or carrying out marketing campaign.

Currently SMEs businesses contributed 60 percent to Indonesia gross domestic products. SMEs can use these analytics to grow their business.

Founder of Billy Boen (pix), said in 2015 GDILab launched Polaris analytics – based on Facebook and TwittGDILAB-GDIAnalytics-3er bank data, as well as Iris for monitoring people’s activities in Instagram.

“Now, we collaborate the two brands into GDI Analytics,” said Billy, adding that the service is offered to SMEs at affordable price of US$40 per month.

He said GDILab has helped Blue Bird, Gold’s Gym, Prudential, Seven Eleven, Telkomsel and other brands to boost the customers’ satisfaction, product development, influencer effectiveness and competitor analysis.

According to Boen, social media has become a lifestyle; corporations and SMEs can actually make use of these data to improve their services and hit the right market target. He said around 80 per cent of social media data is unstructured.

Meanwhile, GDILab, in partnership with Thailand’s Digital Associates Co., Ltd are in talks with the Indonesia government to run monitoring service on various online illegal activities, including breach of music copy writes. The new service is expected to be launched in October or November of 2016.

Both companies plan to build data centre to monitor online digital music activities as well as other things depending on the customers’ needs.

On March 18, GDILab and Digital Associated set up joint cooperation on internet services for voice analytics. Now, both companies are looking to expand their business to Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia as well as Thailand.

Digital Associates, set up 10 years ago, initially provided business intelligence and digital mining. It became digital analytics provider in June 2015 to provide analysis on social media activities in Thailand.

In Thailand, GDI cooperates with all major record labels, all major TV and radio stations, media, media buyers, government and to certain extent end-users. In Indonesia, both parties are also looking to work with similar entities. Digital Associates disclosed that the company now books average annual turnover within range of US$5-US$10 million per year.


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