Galasys PLC (AIM:’GLS’), a market leading integrated amusement park solutions and services in Asia, has announced that it has signed a strategic collaboration with PT Sigma Caraka or Telkomsigma to utilise Galasys Intelligent Tourism platform to help boost the Indonesian in-bound Tourism industry.

Intelligent Tourism Platform is based on Galasys revolutionary CLOTA (Cloud Online Travel Agents) technologies that integrates reputable Online Travel Agents (OTAs) with tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, shoppings and entertainment centers; into an online platform where tourists can do DIY or pick a package that suits their travel needs.

Judi Achmadi, the President Director of Telkomsigma explains, “In our efforts to promote tourism in Indonesia, we are embarking on e-tourism by partnering with international tourism solutions provider Galasys, to create a platform that we aims to transform into an online tourism hub for international tourists to Indonesia.”

“We choose Galasys as they have a proven record in the intelligent tourism and hospitality solutions industry. Their solutions are being used by top tourist attractions in the region and their partnership with various online travel agents (OTA) in China provides us a ready audience to market Indonesian tourist attractions and related tourism related products.”

Galasys Intelligent Tourism platform is slated to be launched commercially by July 2016. As part of their collaboration, Galasys will also provide analytics, e-ticketing and point-of-sales solutions to Indonesian businesses via the Intelligent Tourism platform which will be multi-lingual to include Chinese and English translation. Powered with big data analytics, the platform will be able create customer orientated packages based on social media feedback to provide vendors with a better understanding of their customers.

“At this point we have already signed on board three partners, which are DKI Jakarta, Sumatera Selantan and Borobudur. We hope to sign another five to 10 partners by the end of the year,” says Achmadi.

“During peak season, sites like Borobudur collect RP 1 million in ticket sales. Galasys integrated e-ticketing solution will help attractions like Borobudur to better manage their tourist arrivals, while providing tourist the option to easily purchase entrance tickets online for their date of choice,” Achmadi added.

Attracting the Chinese Tourist

Sean Seah, the CEO of Galasys says, “We are excited to partner with Telkomsigma in Indonesia, in its efforts to increase the number of in-bound tourists travelling to Indonesia.”

“Through our collaboration with the top online travel agents (OTAs) in China who represent 95 percent of the outbound tourist in China, which includes Alibaba’s Alitrip, CTrip, Tuniu and Lvmama; Galasys Intelligent Tourism platform will connect the Indonesian travel industry to over 500 million registered tourists in China that would be keen to visit Indonesia.” adds Seah.

Achmadi explains, “With over 1 billion global travellers in 2015, the Chinese tourist is sought after by countries that rely on tourism. Galasys Intelligent Tourism platform will allow us to infiltrate this segment of travellers that are known to have extended travel dates and are luxury travellers.

According to the Indonesian Tourism ministry, 1.3 million tourists from China travelled to Indonesia in 2015. This year the ministry is targeting to attract 2.1 million visitors from China as part of the countrys’ 12 million foreign tourist arrivals target for 2016.

Galasys Intelligent Tourism platform is now being used in various districts in China. The Malaysian company is the largest theme park solutions and services provider in China and South East Asia with over 180 entertainment sites as its client.

“We are confident that Galasys Intelligent Tourism platform will help boost the tourism industry in Indonesia and increase the number of tourists travelling to Indonesia, especially from China. Today’s travellers want convenience and the ability to easily pick and plan their travel online. Our Galasys Intelligent Tourism platform will help businesses in Indonesia meet the expectations of Internet savvy global tourist,” ends Seah.


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