The 15th edition of the Dubai International Motor Show is currently taking place, bringing together many experts and exhibitors regarding the future of transportation. The major stand-out part of the event was the greater focus on sustainability, electric vehicles (EV), and smart city integration.

Many experts at the event said that the future of mobility and transportation will not revolve solely around EVs, but will be a combination of autonomous, connected, and eco-friendly vehicles that will boast greater and more effective safety features.

“Mobility is steering towards a future that is connected, autonomous, and electric,” said Thomas Klein, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East. “Semi-autonomous technology is already available in some of our models, such as lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking, automatic steering and automatic lane-changing. Our aim is to shape the mobility of tomorrow, both actively and responsibly, while also striving towards sustainability.”

Thierry Sabbagh, managing director of Nissan Middle East, share similar thoughts. He revealed that Nissan had big plans for the future with regards to sustainable mobility. The company showcased its Intelligent Mobility solutions, which are Nissan’s approach to changing how cars are powered, driven, and integrated into society.

He also added that Nissan has taken note of the effort by governments around the world to adopt EVs and reduce CO2 emissions. He assured that Nissan was fully committed to working with government bodies to accelerate the installation of proper infrastructure to assist in the adoption rate of EVs and to help educate consumers about the benefits of sustainable transportation.

Mitsubishi has also been taking steps to promote and encourage the use of EVs. C.V. Ravin, general manager of Sales at Al Habtoor Motors, noted that Mitsubishi expects the to receive a warm welcome in the UAE and Middle East region for their latest EV offerings; crediting the region’s government and their handling of clean energy promotion.

Ivo A. Kapitzki, GM of Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, at Gargash Enterprises, also praised the efforts of the government and said that he is excited about the future of the automotive industry in a city such as Dubai.


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