Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific announced the launch of the ApeosWare Management Suite 2, a business platform designed to help both small to medium business and large enterprises enhance and automate workflows, implement mobility, and control print related costs.

Transforming Enterprise Workflows

The ApeosWare Management Suite 2 allows enterprises to take their businesses to the next level without a huge investment in technology or personnel. It provides and enhances end-user experience across all touch points from Multifunction devices, mobile to PC’s, whilst improving productivity and revenue growth.

Enterprises can automate their workflows by seamlessly connecting systems, cloud services, devices and employees to establish new levels of operational agility.

Smarter Ways to Manage Business Workflows

Legal and professional firms can save time, simplify workflows, eliminate waste and free up staff for billable activities. Firms will also be able to manage IT resources and business processes more efficiently and simply, with applications and solutions to enable easy, accurate and automatic cost recovery, providing increased security, confidentiality and compliance with the ApeosWare Management Suite 2.

This software will help such firms benefit from secure, automated workflows and seamless integration with business systems and applications including client cost recovery.

Helping Businesses to Recover and Manage Costs

In addition, higher educational institutions will be able to manage resources and business processes more efficiently and simply, with applications and solutions for document scanning, printing management and cost recovery that help process, archive, manage, and share paper and digital documents.

This software will also help school campuses manage multifunctional device (MFD) integration and revenue generation for cost management and recovery, administer segregated student and faculty balance control, and provide seamless integration with payment gateways, student e-wallet functionality and guest printing across multiple campuses.

With the ApeosWare Management Suite 2, Fuji Xerox is delivering new levels of ease in managing business workflows for small to medium business and large enterprises. Businesses can now have an all-in-one solution to manage their workflows efficiently and realize significant cost savings, productivity gains and business growth.


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