You can now follow Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra, David Cameron and many more global thought leaders on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has announced the ability to follow global thought leaders – starting with 150 of the most influential and prominent LinkedIn members.

This list spans both globally-recognised thought leaders in numerous fields such as Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra, David Cameron and many more; as well as industry-specific movers and shakers like entrepreneurship guru Michael Arrington, and business luminaries like Richard Branson. Gain access to their unique knowledge and professional insights – from The World Bank CEO Jim Kim’s post about how to end poverty, to Arianna Huffington’s thoughts on (literally) sleeping your way to the top.

LinkedIn members who follow these thought leaders can expect to stay informed through their status updates, longer form posts, videos and more. They will also be able to engage directly in professional conversations with influencers, commenting directly on their posts and sharing them with their networks.


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