First Digital Trade has launched a financial Super App that will permit international companies to have a complete suite of tools for exporters.

The Super App will permit instant worldwide payment through the platform, invoice financing, electronic bill of lading, business money accounts, shipping insurance, but the most welcomed feature is the possibility to sign sell contract on the blockchain, which is legally valid worldwide, the company said in a statement.

The joint use of these technologies will grant the global-trade stakeholders with safety, speed and control on the operational and financial transactions.

Fist Digital Trade is a fintech firm based in the UK and Italy, established with the combined efforts of a group of skilled, dedicated professionals in Trade Finance, Cybersecurity and Blockchain development.

The firm is innovating the way trade and trade finance are done, leveraging on the potential of permission-less blockchain technology, internet of things (IoT) and crypto, with a bank-agnostic approach and a focus on sustainability and financial inclusion towards the poorly financed countries.

The firm’s solution is built on Algorand technology and deployed in accordance with the DLPC (Distributed Ledger Payment Commitment), the new financial asset developed by the BAFT – Bankers Association for Finance and Trade. It will cover the whole range of trade finance products, from documentary credit to opening accounts.

First Digital Trade has started accepting pre-opening subscriptions on its website.


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