With the proliferation of personal computing devices, Malaysians prefer to work for firms that allow technological freedom, according to VMware’s New Way of Life 2013 study. The study showed a 66 per cent majority with the predilection.

The study was commissioned by VMware and conducted by Acorn Research in 12 Asia-Pacific countries/regions. Out of the 2100 respondents of the survey, 150 were from Malaysia.

The study greatly highlights the work-style and lifestyle habits of an increasingly mobile workforce in the post-personal computer era.


Country manager of VMware Malaysia, Laurence Si, said that the survey showed seven out of ten respondents in Malaysia valuing technological mobility, with 85 per cent bringing their personal computing devices to work.

In spite of that, 74 per cent claimed that their IT departments do not provide them with adequate support to use these devices effectively in the workplace.

Laurence also said that according to the study, 76 per cent of surveyed Malaysian employees felt that they were faster to respond to change, with 75 per cent feeling that they were more productive even when outside the office, and 71 per cent feeling more efficient.

Consequently, 64 per cent expected corporate IT to provide fast network access anytime and anywhere, with 48 per cent desiring guidance on integrating their personal computing devices into the corporate IT infrastructure.

However, according to Laurence, 92 per cent of respondents were restricted from connecting their devices to the network.

This in turn has led users to search for workarounds and loopholes, or turn to Google for answers on how to connect their personal devices to corporate IT environments.

Laurence says that he speaks to chief information officers and IT decision makers daily on managing the challenges that arise from the influx of personal computing devices in the workplace. He also said that VMware offers cloud solutions that can empower organisations and IT to meet the demands of the end-user in this era of digital technology.


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