SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 28 September 2020 – Dream Career Builder introduces a new “Work from Home” feature in its search function to meet employment needs amid the present economic landscape in Singapore and Malaysia. As the labour market witnesses drastic employment contraction due to the severity of the current recession, Dream Career Builder has established itself as a beacon, facilitating job matching between jobseekers and employers. By tapping on the growing gig economy, it has established a platform of mutualism, enabling the direct solicitation for employment without geographical restrictions.

Changing Job Climate: Riding the Freelance & Remote Work Wave

As the economy goes through major restructuring, and industries are reshaped, Dream Career Builder seeks to understand employment needs compounded by the global pandemic. The fastest-growing job network in Singapore and Malaysia has taken additional steps to expand prospective employers’ ability to attract and hire a wider pool of qualified talents. Leveraging on alternative job landscapes and the surge in freelance job opportunities, Dream Career Builder has integrated a “Work from Home” tab to fill positions for jobs or part-time stints. Considering the rising gig economy in Singapore and Malaysia, this new feature provides ranking signals that amplify rankings of remote and work from home opportunities, for more conversion of leads. Further, for a small sum, prospective employers can opt to have job posts boosted on the job portal, improving the chances of finding a suitable candidate.

As the impact of retrenchments and wage cuts hit an all-time high in Singapore and Malaysia, job-matching service providers like Dream Career Builder strives to narrow the unemployment gap. The 100% free platform streamlines the job search process through a unique Auto Job Finder feature that utilises innovative algorithms to alert employers and jobseekers of suitable candidates and job posts, respectively. Supported by the use of other social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, employers can extend their reach and presence to provide opportunities to jobseekers adapting to the new realities of the economic limbo. The user-friendly portal also has a profile score system — by reaching specific thresholds, jobseekers have access to services ranging from profile highlighting to candidate matching, making job security attainable.

Part time, freelance, and remote job opportunities publicised by platforms like Dream Career Builder support a growing trend in the current job landscape. Awareness of the labour market mobility is a pertinent economic factor for job-matching service providers, and Dream Career Builder has swiftly adapted to meet the needs of both employers and jobseekers.


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