Kuala Lumpur, 18  March 2022- Drivers in Malaysia today, keenly understand and feel the impact and effect of having an automobile insurance policy. This is because existing laws within the country stipulate that all vehicle owners must possess insurance coverage for their vehicles. Consequently, the need to get (and once gotten), renew user auto insurance policy arises. 

Previously, the opportunities available to drivers, as well as the options that were left accessible to drivers, didn’t quite sufficiently meet all pain points. However, that fact changed quickly as technology continued to evolve and create new opportunities.

Influence of Technological Advancements on Auto Insurance

Driving as an activity comes with more than its fair share of risks and dangers. Under certain unforeseen circumstances, even the best and most experienced drivers can make a slip that results in an unfortunate accident. Putting aside the apparent negative impact of accidents on a person’s life and health, accidents more often than not lead to incurring costs for repairs, hence the need for the level of financial protection that an automobile insurance package affords the insured. 

Getting auto insurance in Malaysia is only one-half of a driver’s duty and responsibility in the country. Renewing that insurance constantly and at the appropriate time is the second and perhaps greater half of the job.

Previously, any driver looking to insure or renew their insurance policy on a vehicle had only three specific means by which to do so. They had to visit the physical building of an insurance company or speak directly with an insurance agent or broker. The third recourse insured parties employed less frequently was handling the entire affair by post.

Two of the three means of renewing insurance are still commonly used, even today. However, advancements in technology created a considerable better alternative; the ability to get insurance or renew it online.

This development radically altered the terrain of auto insurance renewal in the country. A primary reason for this is the fact that it’s considerably less labor-intensive and time-consuming when compared to the existing alternatives.

As anyone would expect, many corporations saw this as an opportunity to make income, which is why today, the Malaysian online insurance space is veritably over-packed with various insurers claiming to offer excellent online auto insurance services. In truth, only a tiny percentage of these organizations possess the licensing and depth of resources to provide such coverage.

As a result, the onus often fell on vehicle owners to find quality coverage they could count on through thick and thin. Achieving such a feat involves looking through these platforms carefully, researching their background, testimonials, and credentials. Only when an online insurer has passed these tests should vehicle owners consider their services.

FinCrew.my and Online Auto Insurance

Among the hundreds of online automobile insurance service providers that have sprung up in the past decade, one that has clearly set itself a class above the rest is FinCrew.my. Owned and operated by Malaysians, this online insurance company took the auto insurance world by storm and has been delivering laudable results from the moment it commenced operation.

Fully licensed and certified to provide insurance coverage to drivers anywhere in the country, FinCrew.my operates a value-based service program for its insured parties. The implication of this is that any driver that takes out or renews their vehicle’s insurance with the platform is guaranteed to get more than their money’s worth of service. 

According to Jeff Yap, one of the co-founders of FinCrew.my, “We’re on a mission and we’re just getting started. By making quality auto insurance purchases and renewals a more convenient affair, we hope to alleviate the burdens of vehicle owners all over the country and encourage them to do more with their auto coverage. FinCrew.my is here to give Malaysians a platform that makes it easier to protect themselves on the road.”

FinCrew.my Partners with RHB Insurance Berhad and its Users Can Now Renew Their Auto Insurance Online

In its unending quest to provide exemplary service to drivers who do not wish to settle for less, FinCrew.my has yet again made another stride. In recent developments, FinCrew.my has now partnered with the global giants, RHB Insurance to provide its top-notch online insurance services to all users.

This is indeed joyous news as now, RHB insurance users within the country now have a veritable cornucopia of insurance renewal alternatives at their fingertips whenever they want to take out or renew everything from simple to highly-comprehensive automobile insurance policy packages. 

The collaboration that exists between these two bodies now makes it possible for RHB insurance users to leverage FinCrew.my’s first-class platform, anywhere and any time.

Some other benefits that RHB insurance users can now leverage through their new, special access to the FinCrew.my platform include:

Unique Discounts and Bonuses

RHB insurance users now have unfettered access to the various bonus and discount features on the FinCrew.my platform. These bonuses and discount rates extend from the renewal of policy packages to various add-ons.

Ease of Access

With the new collaboration in place, RHB insurance users can now access all their auto insurance information details quickly and securely. The smooth user interface and the powerful end-to-end algorithms the FinCrew.my platform employs ensure that convenience and security are assured.

Fast Service

From renewing insurance to getting a new and better auto insurance policy altogether, RHB insurance users can now get the logistics of car insurance coverage done quickly and without delay. The FinCrew.my platform highlights all functions a user needs to navigate easily, meaning that you can complete your auto insurance renewal process in a matter of minutes.

There isn’t any uncertainty that this partnership is a step in the right direction towards ensuring that Malaysian drivers have access to insurance services with the highest standards.