New research: 67% of SMBs on Facebook in APAC say they’ve been able to hire more employees due to growth since joining Facebook

On the sidelines of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Vietnam, Facebook released new insights on how small businesses in APAC are growing and thriving on the platform, and committed to train more entrepreneurs and help lift digital skills across the region. Since 2011, Facebook has invested more than $1 billion on teams, technology, tools, support and research to help people and small businesses alike. This includes existing programs like Boost Your Business and SheMeansBusiness, which have trained more than 70,000 small businesses across APAC. More than 1 million small businesses around the world have taken advantage of Facebook’s free online learning hub, Blueprint, and more than 70 million small businesses use Facebook Pages each month.

In August and September this year, Facebook teamed up with Morning Consult, a firm that specializes in online surveys and market research, to better understand Facebook’s impact on small and medium sized businesses, how Facebook can better support SMBs on Facebook, and the importance of digital skills. Small businesses provide opportunities for millions of people, offer useful products and services, and often provide a place for people to come together.

Key insights from across the six APAC countries surveyed:
• 58% small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook built their business on the platform
• 67% of small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook say they have been able to hire more employees due to growth in demand since joining the platform
• 74% of small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook say they have increased sales because of the platform
• 78% of small and medium-sized business believe the platform allows them to sell products or services in other countries, states or counties
• 85% of small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook state that the platform helps them attract customers
• 79% of small and medium-sized businesses say digital and social media skills are important when thinking about hiring a new employee, more important than where an applicant went to school

Clair Deevy, Head of Community Affairs, Facebook APAC: “At Facebook, we look up to small businesses. They’re not only the engines of our economies; they’re the heart and soul of our communities. Their determination, creativity, and grit are what make them successful – overcoming adversity as they deliver new products and services, find new customers, hire new employees, and compete on a global stage. Entrepreneurs like are doing inspiring things on our platform every day – creating jobs, inspiring more women entrepreneurs, and contributing to the country’s economic growth.” We’re inspired by what small businesses have been able to do using Facebook, and we want to do more – particularly for those who are transitioning to careers that require more digital skills. That’s why we’re committing to train even more small businesses and expand Facebook’s Boost Your Business and SheMeansBusiness programs across APAC in 2018.


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