According to the latest Focus Asia whitepaper from international recruiter Robert Walters entitled ‘Acquiring Insights From The Exit Process To Build A Better Workplace’, an overwhelming majority of organisations felt that honest feedback can be exchanged and noted with formal or informal exit interviews. Hence, making improvements to the business based on such insights could attract and retain high calibre professionals in the future.

The research surveyed over 1,200 professionals and hiring managers across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The study examined the formal processes organisations conduct with exiting employees, and offers recommendations on how to glean valuable insights about a company’s culture, operations and management to implement positive changes.

“While the focus of the recruitment process is often on attracting the best professionals, giving the exit process enough consideration is equally as important. Many employers overlook the opportunities which exit interviews can present. If managed carefully, the exit process can be a way for employees to leave on a positive note or provide employers with the opportunity to make a counter offer. After all, every employee is an ambassador of the organisation even after leaving their jobs,” said Sally Raj, Country Manager of Robert Walters Malaysia.

The survey also found that most professionals (58%) did not tell their employers of their unhappiness before starting a job search, 63% of employers who presented counter offers to resigning professionals were turned down, 85% of employers can identify employees on the verge of resignation and 44% of professionals felt that their exit interview process was not worthwhile at all.

Source: Robert Walters


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