With the dawn of Industrial Revolution 4.0, SMEs and startups began to see the massive benefits of digitalisation and haven since made moves to shift their business towards digital transformation. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic served to only accelerate the process as consumers and client expectations changed. However, there are still many businesses out there that are fumbling with tools and solutions despite having already digitised.

Logistics company TheLorry.com co-founder Nadhir Ashafiq said that the company’s resources were immediately underutilised upon the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, due to the nature of the business; as such, they had to move fast with existing digital tools.

“We looked at what is really moving and saw that keyword searches relating to food delivery increased by 10 times. We felt that this was an opportunity to pounce on. We launched a simple page which took around three to four days to finish, launched surveys in under a week and looked at grocery stores to understand the home delivery services. I would strongly suggest any entrepreneur to go online and use tools provided by Google to increase your visibility. Right now, there are very competent courier players to get your items to your customers,” he said at the Advancing Malaysia’s Economic Recovery live stream by Google Malaysia.

Ashafiq also encouraged entrepreneurs to consider creating content online, stating that businesses should showcase their skills and techniques via video sharing and social media platforms. This will allow a company to build brand awareness, as well as tapping into potential new markets should the content be good enough to be shared.

YouTube star, Sugu Pavithra shares this view. Within six months, Pavithra had gained over 750,000 subscribers and over 31 million in total views on her YouTube channel, which she shares with her husband Sugu. Their achievements has been acknowledge by YouTube themselves and they have started earning in US dollars through their cooking videos.

“Our channel is very cooking-centric and to be honest, we want to try doing other interesting videos although we probably would not venture too far outside of cooking. Perhaps a lifestyle content, such as gardening. We did not expect to shoot to fame. Now, we have a manager and have used our boom of new income to move into a better home, but we want to take it slow and go with the flow with what we have,” Pavithra said.

While not every business can make it big like Pavithra and Sugu have, the use of clever marketing, quality products, and clever scripting can lead to excellent video content; which in turn could, at the very least, attract more brand awareness and interest in a company’s service or product.


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