GIVI Vietnam has registered a substantial growth over the year and now under the guidance of Joseph Perucca, the General Director for G.V. and Overseas Operational Director from GIVI Italy it has expanded their production capability and coverage of the local market.

Using the local skill and knowledge with this factory GIVI established the production and manufacturing of soft luggage and apparel, in order to supply and explore new avenues of business for the entire group.

With a facility of over 10.000 sqm, the Vietnamese operation has over the last 6 years become a center of excellence in supplying our products to over 80 countries, using an already established network of branches and importers.

At the same time this allows the company to bring our products to the Vietnamese market, with the view to offer to the motorcycle user some level of safety, quality, and attention for which our brand is famous around the world. Today the company has over 300 employees in the factory, and in addition  a sales force which covers, established and supports the current network of dealers which is already more than 120-strong throughout Vietnam.

GIVI’s results are divided 70 percent toward export and 30 percent in the local markets,  which is rapidly growing.

Although the use of the boxes is still a novelty within Vietnam, the sales are growing rapidly as the customer starts to recognize the benefits and use of  the box, which add safe storage space to the bike, and allow to transport essential items in a safe and secure manner.

GIVI Point is an innovative and stylish showroom where motorcyclists can look forward to GIVI’s extensive range with exclusive designs. The company is fully recognized as a driving force in creating market trends. The  showroom is a one stop center for bikers to look for the latest in technology and design for motorcycling, with specialty in safety products for  motorcyclists.

GIVI has evolved over the years into a 360 degrees company. There is the absolute need to remain connected on a human level  with the end customer and to learn firsthand the needs, trends and changes to be the best in the market.

GIVI Point will be a showcase center not only for motorcyclists but also GIVI Vietnam’s dealers network. It’s purpose is not to compete with the  existing dealers, but to act as a complement to the work of their dealers. Apart from being a selling and viewing point, GIVI Point HCM will set an example and will also educate the dealers in selling and presenting GIVI products. This effectively and indirectly enhances the end users’ experience. The GIVI Point Vietnam joins the regional network of GIVI Points, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


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