Many companies would have heard of the increased urgent emphasis on Sustainability or Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) in the last 2 years.

As larger companies become more selective in working only with business partners who take ESG practices seriously, their trading partners, including SMEs, can no longer afford to operate under a ‘business as usual’ concept.  Organisations with strong ESG ratings will have greater opportunities to access financing, including green finance.

Further, Malaysia has set an aspiration to be carbon neutral as early as 2050. In line with the target, a number of Malaysian companies have set their net zero targets between 2030-2050.

Globally, it is estimated that 70-90 percent of the total carbon footprint of a business comes from its supply chain, comprising mainly SMEs. A recent survey conducted by a listed Malaysian company found that 90-95 percent of its supply chain needed help to better understand how to be more sustainable.

Climate Governance Malaysia, in collaboration with leading Malaysian businesses, is convening a 2-month learning program: “How To Start Your Sustainability Journey”, targeted primarily at SMEs to equip them with the basic knowledge and tools to kickstart their sustainability journey.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts: starting with knowledge sessions, culminating in practical coaching sessions as participants put their learnings into action.

This 2-month program consists of 7 sessions, for a total commitment of 8 hours. All these sessions are free and will be conducted virtually. Participants will receive a sustainability toolkit to help develop their activation plan, measure baselines, set targets and track progress; they will also receive a Certificate of Participation if they attend at least 5 of the sessions.

Register here and help spread the word, so that together we can accelerate Malaysia’s journey to Net Zero.


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