Employment Hero, a HR, payroll, and employee engagement platform, is embarking on a groundbreaking mission to transform the entire employment landscape with its employment superapp, Swag.

Swag is dubbed the world’s first application, aims to reinvent the way employers and employees interact, providing seamless solutions for recruitment, onboarding, and talent recognition.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Swag simplifies the job search process for SMEs and jobseekers. With a network of over 200,000 employers and one million employees, Swag makes finding and rewarding talent easier than ever.

Its primary objective has always been to enhance the value and convenience of employment. The company has successfully achieved this goal by digitising employment for SMEs, offering a platform that ensures accuracy, compliance, and transparency in HR and payroll processes.

Now, Employment Hero is taking the next step by addressing the employee experience, particularly the traditionally arduous task of job hunting.

Swag’s debut in the top five App Store business apps demonstrates its immediate impact, introducing two core features, Work and Career, designed to seamlessly integrate the recruitment journey into a comprehensive employee experience. The app will also unveil additional benefits in the near future.

This development, said Employment Hero, is fueled by the pressing need to address two major challenges in today’s employment landscape:

  1. SMEs struggle to find and retain employees: The rise of overhead costs, combined with expectations of a global recession and slower growth in Malaysia and Singapore, has hindered the ability of SMEs to operate and expand effectively. Limited resources often result in a scarcity of skilled and qualified staff, hampering productivity and future growth.
  2. Consumer cost of living crisis: Rising living expenses are taking a toll on employees in Malaysia and Singapore. Employment Hero’s recent 2023 Talent Insights Report reveals that a staggering 92% of Malaysian employees are concerned about their careers, with 45% feeling that their salaries are not keeping up with inflation rates.

Swag tackles these challenges head-on, leveraging AI to empower employers and streamline key aspects of the recruitment process, including:

  • AI-generated first-draft job descriptions
  • AI-powered predictions of a business’s future hiring needs
  • Precise matching of eligible candidates with suitable roles
  • Convenient posting of jobs to popular job boards with a few clicks

Swag also introduces Swag Jobs, a job board that provides SMEs with free access to a vast pool of work-ready applicants, eliminating job posting and advertising costs. In an era of skyrocketing job board advertising fees, Swag equips SMEs with the tools to present their job openings to the best candidates, regardless of their budget.

Streamlining the entire employment experience

Once employed, Swag becomes the central interface for all work-related tasks, offering features such as time and attendance management, leave tracking, and rostering.

Swag’s Work features enable employees to streamline onboarding administration and overcome common HR inefficiencies by consolidating timesheets, payslips, leave requests, induction policies, and certifications in one centralized location.

Swag also supports employees throughout the job search process by providing the following AI-driven features:

  • AI-generated first-draft cover letters
  • AI-powered job suggestions based on candidate profiles and skills
  • One-click ‘apply’ functionality for swift applications
  • Automatic CV and resume parsing to eliminate manual data entry

Ben Thompson, Co-founder and CEO of Employment Hero, expressed his excitement about the continuous development of Swag, stating, “We are rapidly introducing new features that can match candidates with a job even before it’s posted, and faster than job boards can. Over the next year, we plan to leverage AI to further streamline the process, freeing up people’s time to focus on their core strengths.”

Thompson emphasised that while AI plays an assisting role in the hiring process for both employers and employees, it does not replace the human elements of recruitment. By providing SMEs with more time to concentrate on business growth and attracting top talent, Swag aims to transform the employment landscape.


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