The gates will open on the next EMO Hannover from 16 to 21 September 2013. At the world’s leading metalworking trade show, manufacturers of machine tools and components present their products, solutions and services for meeting the challenges of industrial manufacturing to a global clientele.

“Industry is facing major challenges worldwide,” said Christoph Miller, Managing Director of EMO organizer VDW (the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) in Frankfurt, Germany at the EMO press conference. In every country, rising standards of living are boosting demand for better and more modern products, and machine tools are the key.

The international machine tool market has more than doubled in size over 20 years, to around USD 86 billion in 2011. Since the turn of the century, machine tool consumption has risen an average of nearly 10 percent annually, as measured in US dollars. This growth was driven above all by Asia, where more than three-fifths of all international machine tool production flowed in 2011.

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