The core focus of the launch day was centred on “Cooking & Cooling,” spotlighting ELBA’s built-in hood & hob and refrigerators

ELBA, a renowned brand under Fiamma Sdn Bhd, has been a trusted provider of home and electrical appliances since 1979. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, ELBA today proudly announced the launch of its new line of products that are set to revolutionise the kitchen and home appliance market.

Most of the products launched were entirely new, showcasing ELBA’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. The core focus of this much-anticipated launch day was centred on “Cooking & Cooling,” highlighting ELBA’s expertise in both these areas.

The primary reason for the launch is twofold: first, to introduce ELBA’s flagship new products in the market, and second, to showcase the remarkable features and unique selling points (USPs) that these products offer to the end-users. The hero products that stole the spotlight at the launch event were the built-in hood & hob and refrigerator.

ELBA managing director Tok S.M said: “We are moving up our game, bringing the widest affordable contemporary range home appliances to end users.” This commitment to excellence and innovation emphasises ELBA’s dedication to enhancing the lives of its customers through cutting-edge products.

The launch event was an overwhelming success, with a large turnout of enthusiastic attendees who had the opportunity to experience the new ELBA products up close. People were able to explore and interact with the products on display, getting a firsthand look at the remarkable features and advanced technology that sets ELBA apart in the world of home and electrical appliances.

“ELBA’s commitment to innovation and quality truly shines through our latest offerings. ELBA is a trusted home solution provider that inspires and enriches the lives of modern and smart women. We have gone the extra mile to make the cooking and cooling experience a breeze for consumers,” he said.

ELBA proudly introduced the Mastro Collection, the star of its kitchen lineup. This special collection includes essential items like Built-in Hood and Hob, Built-in Oven, Warming Drawer, and Professional Range Cooker. Mastro isn’t just a set of appliances; it’s a blend of smart design and advanced features that make cooking a breeze. The Mastro Collection is not just about cooking but about enjoying the process —a kitchen upgrade that’s simple, stylish, and smart.

One of the standout features from the Mastro Collection Hood is the incorporation of a TFT LCD display. This elegant design, coupled with slide control and a smart timer for sensor touch control, makes it a visually striking addition to any kitchen. But it’s not just about appearances; this Designer Hood is engineered to simplify one’s cooking experience. It offers multi-functional programme, high suction power, and a range of other functions that truly impress.

Under this series, the subcategories are:

  1. Hood & Hob

The Hob Link technology establishes a smart connection between the designer hood and gas hob, streamlining convenience by eliminating the requirement to manually activate the hood with each cooking session, all while incorporating Plasma Filter Technology for purified air, a BLDC Motor for efficient extraction, and an integrated design for a seamlessly aesthetic kitchen

  1. Built-in Oven

The Built-in Oven with Built-in Recipe and TFT Panel offers guided cooking with step-by-step instructions and timers, ensuring precise meal preparation. Its versatile functions, including steam, grill, bake, and air fry, empowers you to create a diverse range of dishes. The Metallic Graphite Matte Finishing not only adds a touch of elegance but also resists fingerprints, making maintenance a breeze.

  1. Professional Range Cooker

The Professional Range Cooker, equipped with a Built-in Recipe and TFT Panel, offers guided cooking with step-by-step instructions and timers, ensuring precise and accurate meal preparation. The SABAF burner enhances efficiency and versatility, allowing for various cooking functions such as baking, roasting, air frying, and grilling. With these capabilities, the cooker provides a broad spectrum of options to prepare a diverse range of delicious dishes.

  1. Warming Drawer

The Warming Drawer is designed to give users the perfect serving temperature, offering convenience and flexibility in preserving the warmth and flavour of dishes until they reach the table. With its Metallic Graphite Matte Finishing, it not only ensures the ideal serving temperature but also adds a stylish and elegant touch to your kitchen.

ELBA’s range of Induction Hob with Integrated Hood is the pinnacle of precision engineering and elegant design, designed to offer the ultimate cooking experience while bringing unbeatable performance and style to one’s kitchen.

This series features innovative Plasma Filter Technology, and reduces the need for additional ventilation thereby providing a more peaceful cooking environment – ensuring clean and purified air in the kitchen, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious and discerning homeowners.

It is also equipped with a high-performance BLDC Motor that delivers powerful extraction while remaining energy-efficient, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective kitchen solution. Seamlessly blending style and functionality through integrated design creates a sleek and cohesive look in the kitchen, featuring a modern, clean design that also optimises space.

Continuing the journey through ELBA’s innovative kitchen solutions, the Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Multi Door series shine with an array of cutting-edge features. With a Dual Inverter Compressor, these refrigerators guarantee efficient and reliable performance, promoting extended freshness and reduced energy consumption.

The Quad Zone Cooling System elevates refrigeration by delivering precise temperatures in four distinct zones, tailored for both refrigerator and freezer compartments. Ensure the prolonged freshness of your groceries by maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels, catering to various types of foods.

Another highlight is the Metal Cooling feature, ensuring a more consistent and efficient temperature inside the refrigerator, reducing the risk of spoilage and keeping your food at the desired temperature. The matte grey finish, besides its anti-fingerprint properties, offers easy cleaning, elevating the product even more.

ELBA’s commitment to quality is reaffirmed by a 12-year warranty accompanying the Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Multi Door series, providing consumers with extended peace of mind.


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