LISBON, PORTUGAL – Media OutReach – 13 October 2020 – Einvestment Fund has reported the continued growth of COVID-19 vaccine-driven stocks. This occurred after the leading global biotech firms have finally come to the start of crucial late-stage trials of their experimental coronavirus vaccine.

The pharmaceutical sector offers tremendous investment opportunities. Today it is the second-largest segment of the US stock market by capitalization – about $ 4 trillion, analysts at Einvestment say. Recently, the health problem’s urgency has significantly increased — the pandemics such as COVID-19, the growth of oncological and hereditary diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. are creating ever more significant threats to humanity.

This growth is reflected in an increase in stocks’ value, offering investors exceptional opportunities for long-term capital appreciation. Once the long-awaited coronavirus vaccine is in place, and the world begins to return to normal, monetary authorities may change attitudes towards economic incentives. As for today’s situation at Einvestment, the average gain of three vaccine-sensitive positions in the investment portfolio exceeded 92% since June 2020 when the fund managers entered the vaccine rally.

Pfizer and Moderna officials stated they should know before December whether their vaccines are safe and effective. Still, the WHO and global government officials do not expect any serum to be commercially accessible until next year.

The Health Care sector’s share of positions in the fund portfolio now exceeds 8%. In the words of Managing Director, Peter Derksen: “We hold significant share of Health Care positions in the investment portfolio, and in early June of this year we allocated 2.8% of AUM to Biotech companies engaged in vaccine development”. Biotech, as well as the AI & Robotics sector, lead the “Top Gainers of 2020” list in the fund’s portfolio as of Q4 2020.

Einvestment’s technology-driven approach is tailored to continue improving fund’s performance and accelerating the market value growth of assets under management. Before allocating the funds to any assets, Einvestment experts initiate an in-depth research process to develop a transparent framework of risks, opportunities, goals, and deadlines. The fund’s segregated investment portfolios are loaded with the appropriate mix of assets to ensure exposure to trending sectors and most promising assets.