The World Economic Forum’s Asean Digital Generation Report cites the most crucial skill post-pandemic in Asean to be technology use, but less than half of the Asean workforce consider themselves proficient in the skill.

eduCLaaS aims to support the implementation of the Asean Digital Master Plan (ADM 2025) for developing Asean as a leading digital community and economic bloc, powered by secure and transformative digital services, technologies and ecosystems. It is aligned to meet desirable outcomes for D07 and D08, conditions specified in ADM 2025 to increase capacity for business and people for inclusive participation in the digital economy.

This project bridges the missing connection between education and the workplace to support lifelong applied learning delivery for youth induction into digital careers, under-employed transitioning into digital jobs, and workforce upskilling for SMEs digital transformation. It aims to deliver inclusive digital skilling for up 500,000 digital talents across Asean economies by 2025.

No single stakeholder will be able to achieve the above objectives on its own. eduCLaaS is a connected digital skilling platform supported by a Pan-Asia coalition of tripartite stakeholders, including learners, employers, educational institutions, technology vendors, governments, and non-profit agencies, working together to bridge the digital skills gap for delivering inclusive digital transformation and workforce incubation across Asia with scale.

Collectively, the Digital Skills Coalition provides a competency-based curriculum, work-integrated learning, interoperable credentials, blended learning technologies, employer ecosystem, and income sharing schemes for inclusive lifelong applied learning delivery.

SME leaders are increasingly aware of the challenges created by the fourth industrial revolution, but few have the capabilities or budget for implementing holistic digital transformation programs to stay relevant.

With the Covid-19 pandemic further accelerating the pace of the digital revolution, SMEs now need to completely rethink how to prepare their workforces, from determining their digital skills need to implementing a workforce upskilling plan for digital transformation.

eduCLaaS’ CLaaS@Work, delivers contextualised workplace learning to support SMEs in workforce digital upskilling for holistic self-service digital transformation in 90 days.

More than just digitising education using technology, eduCLaaS adopt 70:20:10 work-based learning pedagogy to deliver improved knowledge, skills, and ability. The learner progress from knowledge acquisition in the classroom to workplace skills utilization that delivers tangible digital transformation outcomes for businesses.

eduCLaaS founder & CEO, Mr. Leslie Loh will be speaking at the ‘Cities 4.0 – LOCAL ACTION GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENT’ summit at Kuala Lumpur to be held on 20-21 September 2022.

He will share more of his ideas, particularly on how the pandemic has provided us with the inflection point for multi-faceted integrations of our post-secondary education systems to deliver inclusive digital skilling for inclusive talents and enterprise growth in a post-covid glocalised digital economy. For more details about this event, please visit: Cities 4.0 2022 (

For more information on CLaaS@Work, please visit


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