Ebizu Sdn Bhd today announced its latest features for small and medium businesses, hypermarkets and malls to connect their brands to the constantly connected consumer using affordable cloud and mobile technologies. Owners of physical stores in Malaysia now have more ways of connecting with customers via the Ebizu Manager which was announced during the SME Solutions Expo 2014, today.

Ebizu is building an ecosystem for merchants that want a presence on mobile to give consumers ways to engage – using the latest cloud and mobile technologies that are transparent and seamless yet secure for the user. Hence, Ebizu decided to announce their latest offering, the Ebizu Manager at the SME Solutions Expo 2014 as it provides a platform to connect with the right networks and the right opportunities to engage with top decision makers, purchasers and industry leaders from all around Southeast Asia.

The Ebizu Manager incorporates an affordable Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that is M-Commerce Enabled, GST ready and operates on a Cloud-based system. Business owners can now upgrade their traditional point-of-sale to the next generation of tablet and cloud based POS solutions with the Ebizu Manager. Ebizu’s POS solution provides business owners multiple end-to-end business empowerment tools. Businesses can accept all major forms of payments including card and mobile based payments to improve their customers’ payment experience. Business owners can now access transactions and business data securely from anywhere at any time as it is a Cloud-based system. The Ebizu Manager is available at an affordable monthly subscription fee that eliminates high start-up costs often associated with purchasing traditional POS systems.

“Our solution is GST ready to ensure your business is ready and fully compliant with the government’s new regulations. Business owners can now have access to study the data their business produces to improve their services and increase their revenue,” said Gerard Lim, Director of Ebizu Sdn Bhd.

For more information on how Ebizu can take businesses to the next level, please visit www.ebizu.com


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