Firms like IKEA, Philips Lighting and Marina Bay Sands have challenged the Singapore public through the Earth Hour “I will if you will” platform. The “I will if you will” initiative was started during last year’s Earth Hour movement.

The actions challenged include reducing the use of plastic bags, turning up air-conditioning temperature by one degree, switching to energy-efficient LED lights, and taking shorter showers, in an effort to support the environment.

Home furnishing retailer IKEA has pledged to hold a free reusable Blue Bag Day if 20,000 people in Singapore pledge to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. This is in line with the company’s recent move to remove the usage of plastic bags in both its Tampines and Alexandra stores this year.

Says Marcus Tay, Sustainability Manager Singapore, Ikano Pte Ltd, “IKEA Singapore will do away with disposable plastic bags in both our stores from March 23. This initiative is the next natural step for us to further reduce the use and consumption of disposable plastic bags in Singapore and at the same time support change in people’s everyday behaviour for a positive sustainable impact on the environment. We hope that our customers will join us in this commitment and take on the IWIYW challenge to use reusable shopping bags.”

Philips Lighting pledged to provide LED and other sustainable lighting solutions to 1,000 lower-income families if 100,000 Singaporean families convert to LED lighting solutions. Mieke De Schepper, General Manager of Philips Lighting in Singapore and Brunei, said that Philips committed to light over three children’s homes in 2012, encouraging consumers, business and property owners and governments to make the switch to LED lighting solutions that are environmentally safe.

Several challenges posed by integrated resort Marina Bay Sands include having 20 of its top vendors raise their air-conditioning temperatures by one degree. In turn, Marina Bay Sands will fulfil its promise to raise its own air conditioning by one degree in its back-of-house and in various public areas for one day every month of the year, beginning from Earth Hour 2013.

The public can take up these challenges via the Earth Hour microsite at

The Earth Hour campaign in Singapore saw the highest level of support in 2012 since its inception in 2009.


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