Business services company Dun & Bradstreet Malaysia reported that its Business Optimism Index (BOI) study shows that business sentiment in Malaysia has inched upwards. In announcing the findings, the company said that overall, BOI rose marginally from 1.65 percentage points in Q1 2017 to 3.07 percentage points in Q2 2017.

In the latest optimism index – the company’s 17th study in Malaysia – Dun & Bradstreet said that six business indicators under the quarterly BOI study include volume of sales, net profits, selling price, inventory level, employees and new orders.

In an emailed statement, the company said that under its sectoral outlook, the transportation sector has emerged as the most optimistic sector, with all six indicators in the expansionary region.

Additionally, it said that net profits and employment levels have climbed from 5 percentage points in Q1 2017, to 15 percentage points and 10 percentage points in Q2 2017, respectively.

“Both volume of sales and new orders are expected to be moderately optimistic at 5 percentage points in Q2 2017.

“Inventory levels are expected to be jump from 0 in Q1 2017, to 5 percentage points in Q2 2017,” it added.

The company went on to say that the second quarter of 2017 looks set to see a continuation of the cautious optimism expressed by the business community in Malaysia since Q1 2016.

The government’s continued investments in public transportation projects and the modest uptick in manufacturing activities are expected to bolster commercial confidence within both transportation and manufacturing sectors in the coming months, it added.



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