Latest study by Shopee Malaysia found that Malaysian online shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy when shopping online, adopting deliberate practices to benefit from online discounts and flash sales. Conducted in June 2017, the consumer behaviour study was based on Shopee data and survey results collected from over 7,500 online shoppers across Malaysia.

The study found that the most important factor influencing Malaysians’ online purchasing decisions was discounts and flash sales. Free shipping came in second, followed by Lowest Price Guarantee (programmes that reward shoppers if they find a lower price on another platform). 97% of respondents indicated that they plan their online shopping around discounts, flash sales and vouchers availability. “Malaysians love discounts and flash sales, and plan their online shopping around these promotional efforts. It appears that getting maximum value out of online shopping has become a lifestyle choice among Malaysians. Many users log in multiple times a day to get updates on the latest deals when they intend to buy something online,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee Malaysia.

Based on the survey, over 46% of respondents indicated that they browse Shopee three to six times daily to compare prices and check for deals. Over 26% indicated that they would log in more than 6 times a day to hunt for deals. Additionally, the peak hours for online shopping among Malaysians are during lunchtime from 12:00 to 14:00 and after dinner time from 21:00 to 00:00.

A closer look at Malaysian online shoppers and their purchases
The study found that the savviest online shoppers are 18 to 32 years old, as shoppers from this age group typically make up the largest participants of sales and campaigns. Female shoppers from 18 to 24 years old tend to shop for Fashion and Health & Beauty products during sales, while those aged 25 to 35 prefer Home & Living and Toys, Kids & Baby products. When it comes to Mobile & Gadgets, male buyers take the lead, with 60% of participants in past mobile phone sales and campaigns being male. Furthermore, Malaysian online shoppers ranked Clothes & Fashion, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Mobile & Gadgets, and Home Appliances as their top five categories to search for deals.

While survey respondents indicated that the typical online purchasing decision happens within one week, Malaysians tend to be more price sensitive towards expensive items like mobile phones and home appliances. 25% of respondents indicated that they are willing to wait for at least a one month to find better deals or discounts on more expensive items.

Source: Media Release


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