Digital transformation is critical to the sustainability of a corporation. The advent of working from home means that businesses must be nimble and adapt to the fast-changing market landscape to remain productive and sustainable.

For SMEs looking to digitally transform their businesses, fortunately, now the cost has gone down significantly, thanks to the inception of digital business solutions like Celcom Business. They will be able to digitalise their operations with minimal investments.

If you are an SME embarking on a digital transformation journey, finding the right partner like Celcom Business can ensure continuity and the success of your business. Celcom Business will work together to formulate your digital strategy, providing the necessary guidance along the way.

Your one-stop digital solutions provider
Celcom Business has been helping the growth of Malaysian businesses for more than 30 years, delivering the widest mobile network nationwide. As a one-stop digital solutions provider, it brings a comprehensive and end-to-end service ranging from connectivity to innovative business solutions that are tailored to simplify the digitalisation of businesses.

The year 2020 was the beginning of a tumultuous period for many SMES, marked by many challenging circumstances. This had necessitated them to embrace the use of e-commerce platforms to sell their goods or services. To this end, Celcom Business offers an array of digital products for SMEs:

Business Wireless
Celcom Business Wireless is an Internet connection provided by connecting to the 4G mobile network. This service is ideal for cafes, homestays, SOHOs, or budget hotels that can’t access Fibre or ADSL, yet need a reliable connection with lots of data. It allows a stable 4G/LTE connection directly to the computer, television, smartphones and other smart devices via seamless WiFi access.

It provides SMEs with fast and unlimited Internet in one affordable monthly plan and hassle-free plug-and-play installation for easy and multi-device connectivity for as low as RM135 per month with unlimited internet.

MESINKIRA is the most flexible digital payment solution in the market, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. Whether for a street hawker keen on enhancing his consumer experience or an established retail outlet looking for a long-term point-of-sales solution, MESINKIRA has something that can benefit any business.

The platform accepts cash, debit/credit card, digital and NFC payments, and has e-Wallet features and tap-to-phone functionality just by using the merchant’s android smartphone, downloadable via Google Play Store. It also manages inventory and organises book-keeping. Fitted with the latest technology, MESINKIRA enables SMEs to take full control of the business transformation via your mobile devices.

Business Fibre
Celcom Business Fibre™ is a service that provides High-Speed Internet (HSI) that uses optical fiber technology offered to businesses. It allows SMEs to enjoy ultrafast internet directly to their computer or via seamless Wi-Fi access anywhere within their offices. All corporate individuals and officials are eligible for Celcom Business Fibre™. Get Unlimited high-speed, stable Internet with Celcom Business Fibre™ – now with FREE Google Workspace.

Enterprise Bulk Messaging
Enterprise Bulk Messaging is web-based SMS broadcast platform with a shared short code that enables business users to send SMSes to their targeted recipient as a communication tool.

Domestic Bulk SMS
Get in touch with your entire address book via SMS and start direct conversations. Now you can connect, alert, inform, share and communicate with your customer base at the touch of a button!

International Bulk SMS
Staying connected across the globe has never been easier with our international trusted partners. Our partners help to ensure that you can send secure, bulk messages to whomever, wherever they are in the world with A2P messages and a dedicated short code.

Location Based Advertising
Location Based Advertising (LBA) is a B2B2C business platform that leverages Celcom subscribers to deliver messaging ads to a relevant targeted audience. The broadcast will be on a real-time audience that gives direct communication, targeted and personalised. This platform and service complement the traditional advertising for any campaigns, promotions, and events for all types of companies and industries.

InternetGO is Celcom Business Internet Device Bundle Program is an exclusive program for corporate officials and corporate employee customers. The program offers a great internet experience and allows SMEs the flexibility to choose which Celcom Data Only Plan bundle fits their business/personal needs the best.

SMEs can choose from a range of mobile devices and plans to suit their business Internet needs.

Personalised services
The flexibility and power of Celcom Business’ digital solutions are a game-changer as businesses embark on their transformation process. Although most businesses in Malaysia have still some ways to go in their digital journey, the current environment is supportive of a rapid change toward digitalisation.

Like any other markets, the Covid-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for the acceleration of digital transformation among businesses in Malaysia. Customer behaviour had changed as they were confined to the indoors which saw them turning to the internet and everything digital, to get things done.

This newly acquired “always-online” behaviour which propagated across all age groups, is expected to continue beyond the pandemic with the advent of 5G technology which brings with it a wider application for IoT. Therefore, SMEs need to be equipped to appeal to this new breed of customers or risk losing their customer base.

As our country transitions into endemicity and with the consumers’ changing behaviour, SMEs need to be able to seize the new opportunities by putting in efforts towards digitalisation and digital enablement.

Celcom Business’ range of digital solutions will help SMEs accelerate their digital transformation and better navigate the world of commerce and business.

Visit here to learn more about the range of solutions available that will enhance your competitive edge and take your businesses to new heights in a digitalised world.


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