DiGi Telecommunications Berhad is modernising its network coverage, which will span almost 6,000 sites nationwide. DiGi plans to expand its 3G coverage to 75 per cent of populated areas by end-2013.

According to a source in DiGi, more than half of the 6,000 sites have been upgraded to support the modernisation move and 3G expansion programme. He said that the move would increase the 3G population coverage to 75 per cent by the end of the year, up from below 70 per cent currently.

DiGi said in a statement recently that all areas where it had completed network upgrades have seen significant quality improvements over the last six months. This included a steady decline of incidences of dropped calls and consistency in data setup success rates. DiGi asserted that they received the lowest amounts of customer complaints during the period.

However, DiGi said that numerous factors that impact its ability to ensure continuous coverage across the country existed. These tribulations included not being able to acquire the right locations for transmission tower sites, geographical limitations that affect coverage in highway stretches and populated areas and protests from residents when the towers are near residential and commercial areas.

Increasing incidents of theft and vandalism at tower sites also played a role in hampering its coverage, causing severe service disruptions.

Nevertheless, DiGi says it is committed to address the particular issue, along with other issues with industry partners and the authorities in continuing its commitment and ethos to improve overall network quality.


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