Entrepreneurs, especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) contribute economically to society. They create a need for consumers and growth for the nation. In relations to this, management skills, mainly financial and marketing, are crucial in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

Mapping to the requirements by MSMEs, CGC through its CGC Developmental Programme™ offers comprehensive advisory for financial and market access initiative for MSMEs.

The CGC Developmental Programme™ is geared to build MSME’s capabilities and capacity to achieve growth and long-term sustainability. The Financial Advisory Team assists MSMEs in having a higher chance of obtaining financing, while its advisory for Market Access module does this through two main pillars, the Mentoring Workshops and Market Access Initiatives.

Expand Your Business with Good Cash Flow via Financial Access

The Financial Advisory Team is a dedicated team responsible to assist MSMEs that were unsuccessful in obtaining financing. The team starts by conducting comprehensive reviews and diagnosis to identify the gaps. This allows them to provide the right advice on ways to improve the MSME’s eligibility to obtain financing in the future. Alternate methods of funding may also be recommended, such as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) financing or other financing agencies that may be able to provide alternative financing to MSMEs.

The Financial Advisory Team supports unsuccessful applications via imSME platform and through MyKNP. The Financial Advisory Team does not charge any fee to the MSMEs.

Submit your business financing application via imsme.com.my and find out more.

Mentoring Workshops to Develop Your Business

Mentoring Workshops aim to assist MSMEs in developing their business capabilities and skills by preparing MSMEs to diversify their sales and marketing channels for business growth.

These knowledge—sharing sessions by industry experts enhance the knowledge and capacity of MSMEs on relevant topics related to business and market trends. There are three (3) types of workshops titled ‘Go Digital Talk’, “Gaining Market Access Talk’ and ‘IR 4.0 Talk’.

Besides knowledge sharing sessions, business matching sessions with potential market channel owners are organised for MSMEs to meet and receive feedback on-site.

CGC Mentoring Workshops are held nationwide throughout the year at no cost for the MSMEs. However, as seats are limited; MSMEs are advised to register early to avoid missing out on the opportunity.

Grow Your Business with Market Access Initiatives

The Market Access initiative is a hand-holding advisory session targeted to assist MSMEs to expand new markets through local, international and e-marketplace channels. MSMEs will be guided via suitable intervention programmes to enhance their business growth.

A suitable market or distribution channel for an MSME is derived through an assessment conducted, which identified the readiness and suitability of their products or services before enrolling the MSME into a specific market or channel.

To participate in the Market Access Initiatives, commitment fees may be required from the respective programme, and MSMEs will be informed. This programme will be tracked for two years from the date the MSME decides to join the programme. MSMEs are expected to update their development from time to time, is. reporting an increase in sales, new market expansion, etc. This information is important for CGC Developmental Programme™ to work with MSMEs in increasing their chances to succeed and grow their business.

With CGC Developmental Programme™, MSMEs can develop their financial literacy, business knowledge and grow their business. Check out the Programme and seize the opportunity now!

Detailed information about CGC Developmental Programme™ is available at https://imsme.com.my/portal/cgc-developmental-programme/. Alternatively, you can reach out to CGC by calling 03-7880 0088.

Reach out to CGC on social media via Facebook, Instagram, visit www.cgc.com.my, or e-mail csc@cgc.com.my.



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