Singapore-based DBS and Univers, formerly known as Envision Digital and a global leader in decarbonisation software, have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at fast-tracking the adoption of cost-effective digital solutions.

The partnership is focused on enhancing carbon measurement and tracking, crucial steps in Asia’s ongoing energy transition. DBS, known for its commitment to sustainability, has already disbursed S$100 million in green financing schemes for SMEs in 2022 alone.

Univers, a powerhouse in end-to-end enterprise energy and carbon management solutions, brings its AI and IoT-powered software EnOS™ Ark to the collaboration. This software provides a centralized data source for tracking, measuring, and optimizing emissions, aiding operational efficiency improvements. Univers’s system currently connects more than 220 million smart devices and 550 gigawatts of energy assets worldwide.

The collaboration enables DBS to catalyze its net zero commitment by offering SMEs a precise understanding of their baseline carbon footprint. By leveraging EnOS™ Ark, emission hotspots in supply chains can be pinpointed, facilitating the transition to sustainable business models.

Pilot tests, initially focusing on sectors like logistics, retail, renewable energy, and manufacturing, will be conducted with DBS’s SME clients in Hong Kong, India, Mainland China, and Singapore. The collaboration aims to identify cloud partners across the region to accelerate platform adoption, furthering the cause of environmental progress.

Tan Su Shan, group head of institutional banking at DBS, highlighted the partnership’s importance in bridging the data gap, a hurdle faced by companies in reducing their carbon footprints. By providing access to cutting-edge digital solutions and sustainable financing, DBS aims to empower clients, from large corporates to SMEs, to transition to net zero.

Michael Ding, global executive director at Univers, expressed enthusiasm about offering their decarbonisation solution to DBS and its clients. He stressed Univers’s commitment to helping businesses of all sizes and across various industries achieve their net-zero goals.

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