From now until 31 August 2023, anyone who signs up for the CTOS self-check service via the CTOS website can claim a free MyCTOS Report with CCRIS, as part of CTOS’s continuing goal of empowering consumers to take charge of their credit health.

To date, more than three million Malaysians have embarked on the journey towards better financial health by signing up for the CTOS self-check.

The MyCTOS Report with CCRIS provides valuable insights into credit health, including detailed debt information, payment histories for credit cards and loans, account balances and credit limits, credit inquiries, legal cases and bankruptcies as well as an individual’s directorships, business interests, and non-bank debts (trade references).

Financial institutions and lenders use this information when evaluating credit applications.

Over the years, CTOS has implemented various financial literacy programs throughout Malaysia to enhance the financial literacy level of the public to better manage their credit reputation.

This has led to a deeper understanding amongst Malaysian consumers on the value of doing self-checks to stay on top of their credit health and ensuring sound financial planning and improved access to credit.

As a result, the average credit score of the Malaysian population increased by 15 points from 663 in 2020 to 678 in 2022.

Erick Hamburger, group CEO of CTOS Digital Berhad, said, “CTOS plays an important role in advocating essential credit health practices. Credit health is a vital aspect of financial well-being.

“It affects the ability to secure loans, get better interest rates, and even impacts various life milestones like buying a car or purchasing a home. By regularly monitoring credit reports, addressing inaccuracies, and practicing responsible credit habits, consumers can proactively strengthen their financial future.”

For more information on credit health and to sign up for the CTOS self-check service for your Free MyCTOS Report with CCRIS, visit


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