CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, the wholly owned subsidiary of CTOS Digital Bhd, has reached the milestone of two million CTOS self-check subscribers. Barely two years since reaching the one million mark, the number of subscribed consumers has doubled, proving that consumers are taking their financial health much more seriously.

Over the years, CTOS has carried out many consumer-related financial literacy educational programs across all segments of the society to raise public awareness on the importance of credit health for better financial future.

The firm said in a statement that this has led to a deeper understanding among Malaysian consumers on the value of doing self-checks to stay on top of their credit health to ensure sound financial planning.

The lucky two millionth subscriber was Mr Chan Hoi Leong, 32, from Petaling Jaya who joined the CTOS Raya open house celebration to receive a cash prize of RM1,000 for his good fortune.

“I was always confident that my credit health is good as I have always paid my bills on schedule,” said Chan. “However, I am beginning to plan for the rest of my future and will be likely be buying a house in a few years, so I needed confirmation that my credit health is in order. I would advise anyone else who hasn’t, to start checking as early as possible. It’s good to have that peace of mind when it comes to needing credit for a house or car!”

CTOS also rewarded the Top 10 consumers nationwide that have most significantly improved their credit scores over the past two years with RM1,000 cash each, as a recognition for their efforts and achievements.

“I started tracking my credit score back in 2018 and have managed to increase my credit score by 377 points over the past two years,” explained Mohd Hafidzy bin Rodzihadi, one of the top 10 consumers. “This has allowed me to get a credit card approved recently, which was very helpful to my family.”

All the winners attended the CTOS Raya open house celebration. Guests were treated to an enjoyable festive occasion filled with delectable Raya cuisine, traditional Malay dance and an afternoon of fun and laughter brought together in the Malaysian spirit of “Muhibah”.

To learn more about credit health and to sign up for the CTOS self-check service, go to https://www.ctoscredit.com.my or download the CTOS Mobile App.


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