CTOS, Malaysia’s leading credit reporting agency, today joined forces with airasia academy, for an exclusive SME networking and edutech session at airasia academy’s training quarters.

The collaboration, which encompasses strategic business education in the realms of digital marketing and branding, as well as networking opportunities, marks a pivotal step in their joint mission to empower SMEs in the region with the skills and proficiencies to succeed in today’s digital era.

Since CTOS’s founding, CTOS has been known for recognising the economic importance of SMEs and has supported their success by providing them with tailored solutions, personalised service, and responsive support for over 30 years.

Expert training and networking brings added value to the SME community, and airasia academy’s mission to help the workforce to be ready for the future fits hand-in-hand with the goals of CTOS.

At the event, CTOS reintroduced their enhanced CTOS Verified service, which offers companies a mark of online credibility through the prestigious CTOS Verified Seal. Successfully verified businesses earn the privilege to showcase this seal, bolstering their online presence, credibility, and transparency.

Additionally, CTOS Verified companies now enjoy exclusive access to national networking events, consulting workshops, marketing coaching and a range of other invaluable benefits, beginning with today’s airasia academy event.

“SMEs are the backbone of our economy, driving innovation, creating jobs, and fostering resilience. Similarly, at CTOS, SMEs have always been at the core of our business, contributing 46% of CTOS group revenue in FY2023,” said Erick Hamburger, Group CEO of CTOS Digital Berhad.

“Training services are essential for SMEs to remain agile, competitive and sustainable in today’s dynamic business landscape and CTOS takes pride in joining hands with airasia academy to offer businesses a unique avenue to enable themselves through exceptional learning opportunities.

“As we look to the future, CTOS is committed to providing a wealth of networking and learning opportunities through the CTOS Verified service. CTOS Verified not only creates more opportunities for businesses but also underscores their credibility and trustworthiness to prospective clients, suppliers, and business partners,”.

At the event, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A, and the brand maestro behind AirAsia, Asean’s leading aviation and travel brand shared valuable lessons on perseverance and creativity in business, inspiring entrepreneurs to push boundaries.

Following his talk, Ciayi Lim, Digital Marketing Lead trainer at airasia academy, provided practical tips on using social media for business growth.

Tony said: “Based on over 20 years of building the low cost ethos behind AirAsia, making flying accessible and the world a smaller place for the people in Asean, I firmly believe that there is a low cost model for education. Education stands as the gateway to unlocking boundless opportunities.

“Since its birth, airasia academy has tirelessly worked to democratise education, offering accessible online and in-person courses that bridges the gap of digital economic needs. Through our partnership with CTOS, we anticipate equipping both CTOS Verified SMEs and the broader business community with the tools necessary to enhance their marketability and proficiency in tech skills crucial for the current digitally-led business landscape”.

Aireen Omar, president (investment & ventures) of Capital A, said: “Education and knowledge have always been at the forefront of any company culture that demands innovation and enhanced growth.

“Especially more so now, with today’s rapid technological advancements, learning has become even more crucial for SMEs to keep up with the latest knowledge and trends in their respective industries. airasia academy has recognised that by helping provide entrepreneurs and startups with a talent and knowledge hub they can use to upskill themselves, they will be able to solidify their foundation, adapt through changing environments, solve current gaps, and constantly stay ahead of their competition.

“We hope that this partnership with our fellow SME friends at CTOS Verified will foster sustainable economic development and prepare these individuals and enterprises for the challenges and opportunities of today’s digital economy.”

The collaboration between CTOS and airasia academy is expected to go further than today’s exclusive talk, with both companies committing to exploring future initiatives that align with their shared objectives to promote digitally affordable and accessible business education.

Additionally, CTOS is targeting 2,000 clients in their ecosystem to convert as potential learners with airasia academy. This strategic move aims to broaden the reach to empower more businesses to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the digital era.

For more details on CTOS Verified, visit www.ctoscredit.com.my/business/ctos-verification.


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