Coursera, Inc., a prominent online learning platform, has officially unveiled the Generative AI (GenAI) Academy in Malaysia today, building on its successful global launch earlier this year.

This academy offers a unique blend of foundational literacy and executive education programs sourced from leading research universities and companies at the forefront of AI innovation, including Microsoft, Stanford Online, Vanderbilt University, DeepLearning.AI, Google Cloud, and AWS.

A report by Access Partnership and MyDIGITAL Corporation estimates that GenAI could potentially contribute US$113 billion to Malaysia’s GDP, with education and upskilling identified as crucial catalysts.

The academy is designed to equip executives and their teams with the requisite skills essential for thriving in an AI-driven workplace, aligning with Malaysia’s aspirations to become a digitally-driven, high-income nation.

The foundational literacy program, GenAI Academy for Everyone, offers a comprehensive understanding of GenAI’s core principles, applications, and impacts, empowering employees to bolster productivity and innovation through AI tools.

Meanwhile, the GenAI Academy for Executives is tailored to help leaders develop a profound understanding of AI’s diverse applications and its influence on the market, enabling them to make strategic and ethical decisions while adeptly steering their teams through rapid transformations.

“Emerging technologies like Generative AI are reshaping the landscape of learning, teaching, and employment,” remarked Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda. “While it holds immense potential for innovation and productivity, it also poses inherent risks. To effectively navigate these challenges and fully leverage its capabilities, leaders require access to high-quality GenAI content. Our GenAI Academy aims to equip executives and employees with the necessary skills to adopt AI safely and efficiently.”

In addition to the Academy, Coursera has introduced several new AI-powered platform experiences tailored to better serve learners and institutions in Malaysia:

– Simplified Chinese translations: Over 4,400 courses are now available in Simplified Chinese, including popular ones such as Generative AI for Everyone from DeepLearning.AI, Programming for Everybody from the University of Michigan, and What is Data Science? from IBM. Learners can access course materials in their local language, including readings, video subtitles, quizzes, assessments, and discussion prompts.

– Coursera Coach (beta): A GenAI-powered virtual learning assistant available to Coursera Plus subscribers, Coursera for Business, and Coursera for Government learners. This assistant provides personalized feedback, answers queries, and summarizes video lectures and resources, supporting learners in their native language.

– Coursera Course Builder: An AI-assisted authoring tool enabling businesses, government bodies, or educational institutions to effortlessly produce custom private courses at scale. Based on prompts from human authors, the tool auto-generates content, including course structure, descriptions, readings, assignments, and glossaries, seamlessly blending modules from world-class industry and academic partners with internal expertise.

Jeff expressed, “Malaysia’s vision for a digital economy hinges on its ability to cultivate a skilled and diversified workforce. With the surge in digital jobs and remote work, we are thrilled to empower Malaysian learners and institutions with several AI innovations aimed at bridging the rural-urban gap and fostering an inclusive workforce.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, Coursera’s Malaysian learner base has surged nearly four-fold, boasting 754,000 learners and 1.4 million enrollments.

Leading companies and universities, including Axiata, Panasonic, Telekom Malaysia, Johor Corporation, Maxis, BAC Education, Wawasan University, and Unirazak University, alongside Mantissa College, are leveraging Coursera’s enterprise offerings to cultivate a future-ready workforce.


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