Compuware Corporation, the technology performance company, announced the availability of website performance benchmarks in Malaysia. The benchmarks provide companies in the banking, government, insurance and telecommunications industries with valuable competitive and market-leader insight into website performance.

Compuware’s Gomez Benchmarks provides a comprehensive set of global independent web and mobile performance metrics. This “real-world” view of performance helps companies understand the web or mobile experiences being delivered to customers. The Malaysia benchmarks measure the performance of websites of selected companies in each industry.

Used by organizations to compare and track performance against competitors and market leaders, baseline and track performance over time and as key indicators of success for business and IT site owners, Gomez publishes hundreds of global web and mobile performance benchmarks based on millions of measurements per month across thousands of companies in over 20 countries.

The new global website performance comparison is an instant test that allows companies to understand their website performance in comparison to other companies in their industry. This free instant test also allows companies to run a performance test from locations across North America, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Compuware also provides other free tests to help organizations understand and optimize the performance, availability and quality of web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications.

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