and CTOS are working together to offer Malaysians a free credit score assessment, to help them better understand their creditworthiness, and part of the former’s effort to provide personalised financial product recommendations to its customers via its online platform.

The collaboration will provide customers a one-stop solution for quick financial health assessments and for comparisons on financial products based on individual credit standing in the future, enabling them to personalise each product to their own specific needs, whether it is a personal loan, credit card or home loan.

The partnership also aims to improve financial literacy in Malaysia. An important part of financial literacy is arming consumers with the knowledge of their credit standing through their MyCTOS Score Report.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge uplift within the digital economy, while at the same time, putting a spotlight on the financial health of many Malaysians. In partnership with CTOS, beginning with the credit score assessment, we aim to re-emphasise the importance of building healthier financial lives and continue adding value to the overall ecosystem.

“To celebrate this, we are pleased to share that will also be offering 5,000 complimentary CTOS scores per month, on a first come-first served basis,” said Eu Jin Voon, general manager of

The CTOS Score is a three-digit number that indicates a consumer’s credit risk. The score ranges from 300 to 850; the higher the score, the lower the credit risk. Having a high credit score shows that customers are responsible and diligent about paying bills, which makes it more likely for banks and lenders to approve credit applications and offer better terms. Scores can also be delivered instantaneously, helping lenders speed up loan approvals.

“Our new partnership with allows CTOS to continue our goal in providing innovative solutions to consumers so they can manage their credit health better. This will improve their access to credit, while realizing our aim to empower Malaysians to make better financial decisions based on their own needs and affordability,” said Eric Hamburger, deputy group CEO of CTOS Digital Bhd. users will be able to obtain the complimentary CTOS Scores by verifying their identity remotely through the market leading CTOS eKYC solution, which will also be integrated into the platform. Tailored financial products will be initially limited to credit card options, with more services to be launched in the future


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