Coca-Cola, Apple, Samsung and Google scored high marks for brand strength in a survey of 60 global brands in 12 regions in Asia, said Nikkei BP Consulting Inc.

The company said the results of its Brand Asia 2013 survey released on May 20 show that Coca-Cola did well over a wide area in Japan, coming second in the Philippines, fourth in India and South Korea and fifth in Thailand.

“Apple came first in Singapore and China and finished in the top 10 in Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia,” it said in a statement.

Samsung was number one in South Korea and third in Singapore but also maintained a strong presence in Myanmar, Vietnam, India and Malaysia, it said, adding that Google came first in Taiwan and also had a striking presence in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Nikkei BP Consulting engages in consulting and contents-related marketing and solutions, including the implementation of surveys and consultations, planning and editing and production.


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