If you asked anyone 10 years ago what they looked for in an ideal work environment, they might describe someplace tucked away, perhaps isolated in an office cubicle saturated with other like-minded colleagues, or even in the seclusion of their homes. Honing in on factors such as solitude and privacy, most of them would likely grapple with understanding today’s coworking phenomenon.

However, in the recent decade, our culture of working has monumentally shifted – no longer stringently skill-compartmentalized, geographically-localized, or industry-confined, companies both large and small have organically shifted into a new era of connective entrepreneurship. Straying from what was previously a singular linear trajectory, businesses have dipped their feet into the diversified pool of nuanced professions, all the while adopting an intersectional approach to growing their success. With recent technological advances paving the way for untethered communications, against the backdrop of our ever-booming globalization, the way in which we work has drastically evolved – building a business is no longer just a vertical climb, but also a horizontal sprawl across industries.

If our understanding of what a successful business is has drastically expanded and complexified, we simply cannot continue using our outdated workplace models. It was this fundamental concept that sparked the ambition behind the vision for Common Ground. The Malaysian homegrown coworking operator that has swept across cities and suburbs alike in the last few years serves as a testament to its genuine alignment with our ever-changing business dynamics and needs.

Embracing a newfound intersectional approach of entrepreneurship requires a workplace that is focused, collaborative, and conducive for fostering synergy between parties across contrasting industries. Common Ground prioritizes and embodies these qualities by transcending workspace boundaries and creating a community that nourishes and champions ambition within and beyond the office walls. The company understands that a rented office space on its own hardly suffices at upholding these pillars – sure, Common Ground is a premium coworking space boasting top-notch amenities and plush workspaces across the board, but the real work and reward is in the community.

Our ever-diversifying business landscape – compounded by the information age and the onslaught of data available at our fingertips – tells us that the best ideas are born at the intersections between industries and at the heels of dynamic market trends. It no longer pays off to only know the people within your industry circle, even if that circle is saturated and specialized with expertise. That’s why, across Common Ground’s 15 venues, you’ll find a networking of ideas across diverse companies, ranging from innovative sectors like technology and lifestyle, to societal cornerstones like law and finance. Their coworking space functions as a synergetic ecosystem where colourful minds pool resources and leverage skills to facilitate each other with ideation and problem solving, and their lounges and hallways transform into hotbeds for collective symbiosis and potential alliances.

The discordance between society’s increasingly progressive business ethea and its outmoded workplaces melts away in Common Ground’s synergistic business community. Pushing workspace boundaries, the coworking brand curates hundreds of partnerships outside its office walls. Offering a multitude of benefits across a variety of professional and lifestyle sectors, from restaurants to fitness gyms, and from hotels to business service providers, the partnerships gel individuals together professionally and socially – Common Ground enables members to share interests and work towards the same goals, even if their professions do not overlap.

Another tremendous manifestation of Common Ground’s strong community lies in their commitment to hosting a bevy of events across their venues. From professional talks and self-growth workshops, to business networking panels and social mixers, the coworking brand is dedicated to celebrating the diverse and unique interests of their members beyond the workspace. Whether you work in transportation law but harbor a burning curiosity for pre-war literature, or you work in hospitality but want to elevate your business with blockchain technology, Common Ground works to set the scene for you to engage with your goals.

To top it off, Common Ground carries proprietary app – named Ambition Engine – which encourages its 2,000 members to connect and interact through a multitude of interest groups, events, and feed. Community-based and function-driven, the app serves as a platform for individuals across different industries to cultivate their personal and professional goals.

As the pillars of traditional and segregated workspaces have collapsed, it has given rise to the new age of coworking where alliances are formed at the overlaps of businesses and at the seams between industries. The truth is, people have the potential to reach greater success if they can capitalize off each other’s differences to inspire each other and collaborate together. And Common Ground’s diverse community does exactly that – it helps us shift our perspectives to see that those differences could actually be our common ground.