Comarch has joined the largest association of ICT companies in Malaysia. PIKOM membership currently stands at more than 1000, consisting of companies involved in a whole spectrum of ICT products, in order to develop the ICT market in Malaysia by promoting cooperation among the member companies. This is an excellent opportunity for Comarch to strengthen the market position and establish contacts with local companies. It also provides an opportunity to expand the business into other Asian countries.

The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) is a non-profit organization representing the technological industry in Malaysia. Currently, the PIKOM gathers over 1000 companies and corporations involved in the ICT industry, which thanks to its membership there are opportunities for informed dialogue and profitable networking, as well as promotion of products and services. It is worth to mention that the organisation supports 80% of the market in Malaysia and the number is still growing.

PIKOM was established in 1986 to create an environment conducive to the development of IT industry in Malaysia. It is a platform for cooperation to affiliated companies in order to promote and market local ICT services.

“Comarch’s memberships in PIKOM confirms the added value that our company brings to the local market. Moreover it gives many opportunities; opens the door to cooperation with other affiliated companies, enables to establish relationships with potential customers and allows to achieve a bigger market share and expand the horizons to other countries of Southeast Asia. The development of the IT industry in this region of the world, has been very dynamic for many years, which for Comarch is an excellent opportunity for further development, and membership in PIKOM is one of the catalysts of that”, comments Jarosław Włudyka, country manager Comarch in Malaysia.

Representatives of the PIKOM also do not hide their satisfaction. “I am very pleased to welcome Comarch as a new player in the Malaysian market as well as the newest member of PIKOM. The entry of Comarch into the Malaysian market will have a positive influence on the development of the local ICT market. With their breadth of knowledge and expertise, Comarch will be a good partner to the local ICT industry. We are glad that Comarch has joined PIKOM and we count on a fruitful cooperation”, says CS Chin, Chairman of PIKOM.

Comarch in Asia

Comarch has been present in the market of Southeast Asia since 2015. The team consists of consultants and traders specializing in loyalty solutions and products to support customer relationship management (CRM) as well as outsourcing services, IT infrastructure and Data Centre services. In addition, Comarch focuses on the development and sale of systems for financial institutions, insurance companies and telecommunications service providers.


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