G-Asiapacific Sdn Bhd (‘G-AP’), Malaysia’s leading cloud advisory and brokerage specialist, has stated that the adoption of Cloud as the computing model of choice for enterprise business applications, is fast on the rise with arecord 100% growth since June 2015.

Cloud adoption is observed across all general Malaysian industries, covering local businesses in the private and public sector – including SMEs, governmental bodies and large conglomerates.

According to G-AP director, KK Goh, the main driver for this rapid growth is due to the fact that the enterprise IT solution market in Malaysia is at a ‘tipping point’ whereby finally the decision makers are convinced that Cloud computing is the best way to move forward.

Goh Kiang Kian, Director G-Asiapacific
Goh Kiang Kian, Director G-Asiapacific

He says, “Malaysian businesses are finally taking the plunge to free themselves from legacy, CAPEX-heavy ICT investments that have burdened them over the last two decades. Cloud computing immediately offers a much ‘lighter’, quickly scalable OPEX-based system that is powerful and reliable. It is no wonder that G-AP’s deployment of Cloud-based applications has easily doubled over the past 12 months and with a growing queue of genuine organisations eager to convert.”

Most recently, G-AP is in the final stages of deploying Cloud-based office productivity systems for a major municipal council, one of the largest hyper-mart chains in Malaysia and is looking forward to a successful 2nd year anniversary of its cloud deployment in the largest worldwide low-cost carrier (AirAsia Berhad) and 4 th year anniversary of cloud adoption in SapuraKencana Petroleum Berhad.

Cloud Brands’ Standing in Malaysia

G-AP is the only certified Cloud solution provider in the country that provides all major Cloud brand – Google, Amazon Web Services (‘AWS’) and Microsoft. According to KK, the popularity of these three global Cloud brands vary at the different layers of the organisations’ IT structure.

“Currently, AWS and Microsoft are the strongest for Infrastructure-as- a-Service (IaaS). Meanwhile for Software-as- a-Service (SaaS), Google and Microsoft easily dominate current market now.”

In terms of specific cloud applications, KK says that broad-based enterprise functionalities such as email and data backup applications, to sales & marketing (S&M) and customer relationship management (CRM) are the most popular systems to be migrated to the Cloud.

“A very encouraging trend that we are noticing is that many of the Malaysian Cloud adopters from non-traditional, brick-and- mortar businesses –are finally moving to the Cloud in order to cope with anticipation of sluggish economic conditions over the next two years,” he says.

Some Remaining Cloud Fears

Despite the uptake in Cloud adoption in the local market, KK says that some fears remain. “IT security and data integrity is still the No.1 concern of large conglomerates. Meanwhile for the smaller SMEs, the lack of knowledge of how to migrate to cloud is the biggest hurdle.”

Additionally, there is the perception of being ‘locked down’ to a specific Cloud technology – that still hinders the decision to move to the Cloud.

Mark Goh_CEO_Director G-Asiapacific_resized
Mark Goh, Director & CEO, G-Asiapacific

Founder and CEO Mark Goh says this is where G-AP comes in with its strongest proposition, being the Cloud Service Provider in the country who provides unique cloud agnostic method with no lock-in on Google, Amazon AWS and Microsoft platforms. He shares, “The fact is that businesses do not need to be tied down to any particular cloud technology, because with the right certified Cloud Service Provider, you can save cost, increase productivity and easily move from one Cloud platform to another seamlessly with no disruption to business operations.”

He added that G-AP took great pains to ensure that the company has a team of Cloud engineers and specialist certified in all the three major Cloud brands of Google, AWS and Microsoft so that independent cloud advisory/consultancy could be provided based on business requirements with “customer-first” focus.

“G-AP is confident that being a Cloud Agnostic Service Provider is the best strategy, as evidence by the company’s 25x fold in annual revenue growth, since it was established 8 years ago in 2008.”

Moving forward, G-AP expects that the Cloud consultancy and specialist advisory services of the business to contribute an increasing portion of its yearly top-line. “Cloud consultancy includes managing and optimising cloud technology for clients while providing the required close support and consultancy – especially during the early stages of deployment for cost reduction. We expect this segment of the market to grow in the future,” concludes KK.


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