• Individuals can discover their current health status with the world’s first push-button, patented and painless blood collection device from the comfort of their home
  • Circle SnapShot at-home blood tests are currently available at the Circle SnapShot official website (https://hicircle.com/en-hk/circle-snapshot)

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 16 August 2022 – Prenetics Group Limited (Nasdaq: PRE), a global leader in genomic and diagnostic testing, announced the launch of Circle SnapShot, a variety of simple, innovative at-home blood tests that provide key insights across 50+ health concerns, including food sensitivity, food allergy, vitamin deficiency, sexual health, heart health, diabetes risk, men’s and women’s health. Featuring a patented push-button and painless blood collection device, Circle SnapShot enables individuals to discover their current health status in the comfort of their homes. Circle SnapShot at-home blood tests now are available at the Circle SnapShot official website (https://hicircle.com/en-hk/circle-snapshot).

(From left) User Virginia Lau, Mr. Danny Yeung, CEO and Co-Founder, Prenetics and Jeremy Wong recommend Circle SnapShot simple at-home blood tests which enable health tests to be simple, convenient and painless for the first time.

Circle SnapShot: revolutionary painless at-home blood tests

Over the last two years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the home has been transformed to become a space for various activities, from schooling and work to shopping and fitness training, improving the flexibility of everyday life in many cases. With Circle SnapShot, Hong Kongers will no longer need to rely on visits to clinics or laboratories for health tests. Using Circle SnapShot at-home test kits, they can discover their current health status at home and at their own convenience.

Prenetics launches Circle SnapShot at-home blood tests, covering COVID-19 Antibody Test, Food Sensitivity Test and Heart Health Test. Its revolutionary CE-certified blood collection device features a patented, push-button and painless blood collection function. Mr. Danny Yeung Sheng Wu, CEO and Co-Founder, Prenetics indicates that the test results will be shared via the Circle App, the exclusive Circle mobile application. The report will feature customized health management recommendations compiled by health experts or dietitians.

“At Prenetics, we have always embraced the notion to ‘Bring Health Closer to You’. With Circle SnapShot, Hong Kongers who wish to learn more about their health status will no longer be confined by appointments at clinics or laboratories. Available for purchase online, Circle SnapShot offers a convenient, safe and effective blood test from the comfort of their own home. This will create opportunities for preventive intervention, bringing positive impact to healthcare systems in the long run,” said Mr. Danny Yeung Sheng Wu, CEO and Co-Founder, Prenetics.

Circle SnapShot at-home blood test will be rolled out in different phases with the Food Sensitivity, Heart Health and COVID-19 Antibody Test being made available from August onward and additional tests in the coming months.

Here are more details about the Circle SnapShot at-home blood tests:

1) Food Sensitivity Test
Many people often experience inexplicable discomfort such as abdominal pain, bloating, headache and indigestion, which could be caused by food sensitivity. Compared to food allergy, symptoms of food sensitivity are less severe, but they could still cause discomfort or inconvenience in everyday life. To find out more about the type of foods they could be sensitive to, individuals can now learn more about their food sensitivity status via Circle SnapShot Food Sensitivity Test without stepping out of their homes. The Food Sensitivity Test analyses the reactivity levels of IgG antibodies in blood to define four levels of sensitivity (normal, mild, moderate, high) for 96 sets of foods, such as milk, peanuts, clams, basil, etc. Within three business days of the blood sample submission, a food sensitivity report will be delivered, which will feature an in-app elimination diet guide crafted by dietitians.

2) Heart Health Test
According to the Department of Health, heart disease was the third most common cause of death in Hong Kong in 2020. Heart disease is a silent killer and it can be found in adults across all age groups. Circle SnapShot Heart Health Test enables individuals to monitor their heart health status and manage their risk of heart disease by measuring the total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, hs-CRP, TC/LDL ratio, TG/HDL ratio and non-HDL.

3) COVID-19 Antibody Test
As more countries lift their travel restrictions, business and leisure travel have gradually resumed. Preventing the transmission of COVID-19 while travelling is now a major point of interest among travelers. The newly launched Circle SnapShot COVID-19 Antibody Test enables individuals to measures their current COVID-19 antibody levels (SARS-COV-2 IgG antibody) from 0 AU/mL to 40,000 AU/mL to find out if they may have sufficient antibodies from prior vaccination and/or prior infection.

Patented design ensures simple and painless blood collection process

In addition to being an at-home test, Circle SnapShot also reforms the perception towards blood collection. Circle SnapShot’s revolutionary CE-certified blood collection device is a proprietary micro-needle technology that draws capillary blood painlessly using a novel microfluidic extraction process. Upon placing the device on their upper arm, individuals will just need to push a button to start a painless blood collection process which takes less than 2 minutes. Only the required amount of blood will be collected, ensuring a simple, convenient and painless blood collection process.

As a special launch offer, individuals can enjoy a free delivery service to their home and courier return to the Prenetics laboratory. Within three business days, test results will be shared via the Circle App, the exclusive Circle SnapShot mobile application. The report will feature customized health management recommendations compiled by health experts or dietitians. The laboratory that conducts the blood analysis meets all relevant international standards. The transmission of any health data will be encrypted.

Exclusively available at Circle SnapShot official website

The captioned Circle SnapShot at-home blood tests are available at the Circle SnapShot official website (https://hicircle.com/en-hk/circle-snapshot) and the pricing is as follows:

  • Food Sensitivity Test (Essential): HKD1,999
  • Heart Health Test (Vital): HKD799
  • COVID-19 Antibody Test: HKD699

User experience sharing

Virginia Lau, an up-and-coming actress from the latest Hong Kong drama series “Big White Duel II” has always been cautious about her diet to avoid food allergies. Hence, to discover more about any food sensitivities which could impact her performance, Virginia took the Food Sensitivity Test. She was amazed at the small amount of blood collected and the painless blood collecting process, as it has always been a tradition to collect a whole syringe of blood for blood tests with pain, “As I felt painless after pushing the button of the device, it once made me think if I fail the process until I saw there’s blood in the tube. I am so glad now I could easily get the blood test at home.”

An actor, model and business owner, Jeremy Wong has always been a busy multi-tasker. Since he works long hours with a diet consisting of mostly takeaway foods, he has always been worried about his heart health. “I’ve noticed that more younger people have been diagnosed with heart disease, and even 30-year-olds could suffer from high cholesterol levels. That is why I conduct annual body checks, which includes tracking of cholesterol levels. However, it’s been a great challenge for busy individuals like me to allocate time for visits to the clinic during office hours,” said Jeremy. Circle SnapShot’s patented push-button and painless blood collection technique enables Jeremy to collect blood for testing with ease at home. He is astonished with the painless blood test experience and easy procedure which helps to save his time from clinic visit to a large extent. Coupled with test report and risk analysis in Circle App, Jeremy will be able to manage his heart health with greater flexibility and autonomy.

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