Mr Jeffrey Chong along with Datuk William Ng, Chairman of Small and Medium Enterprises Association Malaysia (SAMENTA)

Smart glass manufacturer, Chiefway Malaysia has unveiled the country’s first smart glass manufacturing plant. The new 8,000-sq ft manufacturing plant located in Shah Alam, Selangor, features high tech manufacturing devices and patented tools to help develop Chiefway’s unique smart glass formulation. The plant is able to produce 2,000 m2 of smart glass every month allowing Chiefway to meet 70% of the local demand for smart glass.

The new plant will increase Malaysia’s capacity to compete in the lucrative smart glass market which is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17.5 percent over the next 9 years, leading to a market value of US$ 18.3 billion by 2031, Chiefway said in a statement.

The current local and regional smart glass markets are largely dominated by China and other North Asian countries; however, this new plant is an important first step in establishing Malaysian own smart glass in the market.

The opening of this factory was officiated by Datuk William Ng, chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprises Association Malaysia (SAMENTA).

Commenting on the launch, Ng stated in his speech: “I am proud to see our own Malaysian company continue to grow in this lucrative industry. Through strategic green technology projects like this, Malaysia and Chiefway can forge our way to the forefront of the smart glasses industry. But more than that, it represents a landmark step for the developer and construction industries – with a local source, they can cost-effectively and reliably incorporate smart glass into their various projects which will ultimately benefit the Malaysian public.”

Jeffrey Chong,CEO and founder of Chiefway Malaysia said: “We see the launch of our new manufacturing plant as a crucial step towards our ambitions of establishing Malaysia as a regional force within this new and booming smart glass market.

This is not only an opportunity to bring more jobs to the area, but it also allows us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing needs of the Malaysian market and eventually the region. Our own manufacturing plant allows us to better align our services and products with our customer’s demands in a rapidly changing green technology-driven landscape”

To help amplify the rollout of smart glass products and projects, Chiefway Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with dormakaba Malaysia and Datsen Malaysia.

dormakaba is a Switzerland-based global security group focused on providing products, and services for secure access to buildings and rooms from a single source. The brand has a presence in over 50 markets globally and is looking to solidify its foothold in the local market.

Datsen Malaysia is a specialist in the awning, skylight and steel structures and aluminum composite panels. The collaboration looks to enhance its services within the Malaysian market whilst also creating pathways for Chieway to further penetrate global markets.

Chiefway’s smart glass is developed using advanced technology glass production processes, with optimum quality and patented methodologies. Smart glass utilises a high-tech filter layer embedded between two sheets of glass allowing a traditionally static material to become alive and multifunctional.

“This technology allows for the control of various forms of light including visible light, UV, and IR. Privacy glass products are based on technologies that allow transparent materials (like glass or polycarbonate) to switch, from clear to shaded or completely opaque.


“These solutions have functionality from a privacy front allowing for adjustable levels of privacy. On top of that, smart glass also provides environmental and eco-friendly benefits by allowing users to control the amount of direct sunlight entering a room indirectly controlling room temperature. Unlike ordinary glass, smart glasses feature outstanding built-in optical features that block and deflect approximately 99.5% of dangerous solar radiation without even needing to be activated. This not only protects people but also furniture, which fades and deteriorates quickly due to extended exposure to the damaging UV radiation,” the statement said.

With a new company tagline “We are an Innovative & Intelligent Smart Glass Manufacturer in Malaysia. We are not here to manufacture, but we are also Solution Maker too”, Chiefway Malaysia also unveiled a new logo for the company to reflect the company’s bold and aggressive direction moving forward as one of the solution makers in this industry.

Riding off the momentum of this launch Chiefway Malaysia is set to venture into the consumer and retail market, offering smart glass solutions including windows, doors, skylights and awnings.

Founded in 2018, the company has won several awards such as SME100 Awards, 2021 Asia’s Best Choice Awards in Honesty Products Awards and Honesty Enterprise Awards. Some of iyts clients include the Ministry of Defence, Bank of China, Sarawak Energy, Sime Darby, Honda and Astro.

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