Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia, YB Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa advised members of the business community, as well as government employees to embrace disruption.

Speaking at the ASEAN Disruptive Leadership Summit 2018, Dr Hamsa said, “While disruption is something that is rather recent, Malaysia had already started it way back in 1981. Disruption is also not limited activities in the private sector only, but it must be seen it totality, through many disruptions such as privatisation, universal values, etc. What this shows, is that disruption is not limited to the private sector. It really encompasses all and sundry.”

Organised by Shapers Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Country Heights Holdings Bhd, the ASEAN Disruptive Leadership Summit covers disruption topics from every angle, e.g. business, technology, personal topics, and more. Chairman of Country Heights Holdings Bhd, YB Tan Sri Lee Kin Yew said, “This is truly an era of disruptive innovation for a better world. Everyone will be disrupted in one way or another. Even Malaysia has been disrupted which resulted in the formation of the new government. We should embrace it to persevere in business, in one’s career or even in one’s life. Eventually, disruption is the means to greater heights and success.”

Other speakers at the summit included founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph, former president of Gatorade, Sarah Robb O’ Hagan, and former president of Buzzfeed, Jon Steinberg.


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