– 24 July 2020 – Since its opening 2 years ago, Changsha
has promptly emerged as the landmark and trendsetter in Central  China by continuously injecting new impetus
and bringing a vast array of collaborations with world-renowned characters and

This summer, Changsha IFS brings another “First” to Central China by
having the world-famous characters, Looney Tunes and renowned graffiti artist Dezio
to join hands for the very first time to present a series of summer street art
scenes at the exhibition.

On July 10, “Summer Streets” was officially unveiled with a series of
exciting campaigns celebrating Looney Tunes’ first exhibition, along with the
launch of Dezio’s first large-format hand-painted graffiti wall in Central

Looney Tunes Landed Central China for
the First Time with Event “Summer Streets”

Over the years, Looney Tunes has been crossing-over with many famous fashion
brands and becomes one of the classic fashion icons. This collaboration with
Changsha IFS is their first exhibition in shopping mall of Central China, along
with graffiti artist Dezio’s summer-filled painting style to bring everyone a
comprehensive and diversified lifestyle shopping experience through an imaginative
journey of Looney Tunes.


The main installation at LG2 restores the classic scene of Looney Tunes,
including Looney Tunes Time Tunnel, Jungle Gym Inspired Installation,
Skateboard Ramp, as well as the interactive digital graffiti wall. Characters of
Looney Tunes are portrayed in American street styles with bright colors and
street culture icons by Dezio to convey the idea of an urban street style with
summer vibes.

Dezio’s First Collaboration with
Cartoon Character
and Shopping Mall

Changsha IFS Leads the New Trend of
Street Culture


Dezio is at the
forefront of contemporary graffiti art field and is widely regarded as one of
the graffiti veterans in China with his works influencing the development of
China’s street art. Dezio was also in charge of the first permanent graffiti
project of more than 4,000 square meters in China. This time, Dezio is
cordially invited to come to Changsha for the very first timeto present the
Looney Tunes themed graffiti in Central China.


In addition, Dezio contributed his ideas of street culture towards the
collaboration, and found it both exciting and challenging.


is my first attempt to combine cartoon characters with commercial complex, as
well as my first large-scale individual project in Central China. ”
Speaking of combining the trendy position of Changsha IFS with the classic
image of Looney Tunes, “I chose bright colors and used dynamic lines for character images,
while considered the overall creation of spatial visualization for the scene
part, which maintained the balance of picture’s composition. “Through this
debut in Changsha, “I hope to present another side of street culture to
people in Changsha.”

Extreme Sports Hotshots Gathered in Changsha IFS Bringing Impressive
Show to Set off the


On July 9, Changsha
IFS held the kick-off ceremony with the co-artist Dezio and other special
guests such as well-known DJ Tom Price, Chinese-American professional XGAME event
emcee Edan Qian, world Guinness record holder Wentao Cui, China’s skateboarder
Di Wang, world BMX champion Willif, rapper Xing Wei and some national extreme
sports top players, brought an audio-visual feast to people of Changsha.

Countless Surprises will be found in Changsha IFS this


Changsha IFS
will be full of surprises this summer, customers can enjoy interactive
workshops, H5 digital games and the opportunity to get exclusive privileges in


A Perfect Blend of Art and Commerce,
Changsha IFS Injects New Impetus to
Changsha by Bringing Art Collaborations to the City


Changsha IFS keeps exploring new
opportunities of collaboration between art and commercial enterprise to
strengthen its unique brand positioning, while Looney Tunes themed event is the
latest breakthrough which provides pleasurable experiential memories to customer
through immersive journey of turning characters from classic to trendy street

In the future, Changsha IFS will
continuously retain its pioneering spirit to bring international experience to Changsha.