Take your business to greater heights with Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC) Developmental Programme. We are here to assist aspiring Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs (SMEs) through our various mentoring workshops, creation of market access via trade exhibitions and business matchings, as well as cross border initiatives.

imSME Financial Advisory Team

Log on to www.imsme.com.my, Malaysia’s 1st SME Financing/Loan referral platform and source the match for your business needs. imSME is redefining SME Financing landscape in the country, channelling your application to 22 Financial Institutions (FIs) including CGC. In addition to being a referral platform that matches business financing products, imSME has a Financial Advisory Team known as FA team to support unsuccessful applicants. The imSME FA Team guides applicants with unmatched or unsuccessful applications to enhance their capacity and capability with relevant trainings to improve their chances of securing financings or loans from FIs in the future.

Since 1972, CGC has availed above 450,000 guarantees and financing to SMEs valued over RM67 billion. CGC continues to facilitate access to financing for viable SMEs in line with its vision to be an effective financial institution dedicated to promoting their growth, development, competitiveness and dynamisms, as reflected in the CGC tagline Powering Malaysian SMEs.

With the changing business landscape, it is imperative that CGC undertakes measures to advance SME financial literacy, capacities and capabilities. CGC is exploring beyond guarantee and the CGC Developmental Programme was established to enable greater SME outreach. Rolled out in 2016, CGC Developmental Programme is to assist SMEs achieve long term growth, development and sustainability.

Mentoring for Continuous Learning

The CGC Mentoring Programme is to assist SMEs understand and gain knowledge on market access, industry matters and latest trends in the digital marketing. It enables SMEs to diversify and expand their sales and marketing channels for sustainable business growth. This programme includes knowledge sharing workshops, talks by key personalities, prominent companies and market experts, featuring experience sharing, information on regulatory requirements and know-how on latest and most relevant market related topics.

Go Digital Talk and Gaining Market Access workshops are the two pillars of CGC Mentoring Programme. Go Digital Talk workshop focuses on online marketing, providing tips, insights and latest trends on digital marketing. Gaining Market Access workshop on another hand unveils ways to place SMEs products in the market place especially in hypermarkets, gain certifications and market demands know-how. The Gaining Market Access workshops offer business matching between buyers and SMEs. Free admission for Go Digital Talk and Gaining Market Access workshops. As of October 2018, CGC has organised 24 workshops benefitting over 2,000 participants nationwide, and targets to reach out to 5,000 SMEs by 2020.

Growing Market Access via Business Matching

The Market Access Programme assists SMEs to scale up their business within and beyond Malaysia. This includes leveraging on trade exhibitions and business matching with other counterparts. Since 2016, CGC has assisted over 10 SMEs to participate in international trade exhibitions such as the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) and China Import and Export (Canton) Fair. At nominal fee, SMEs are able to participate in the Market Access Programme.

Crossing Borders Confidently

The opportunities for cross border is vast and realising this, CGC started the Cross Border initiative by leveraging business ties with other credit guarantee corporations in the region. The aim is to enhance capacity and capabilities of SMEs to be more competitive internationally through various initiatives, mainly advisory and business matching services.


Are you an entrepreneur / aspiring business owner / decision maker / SME interested in CGC Developmental Programme? Interested to join CGC Developmental Programme today?

Contact our Client Service Centre at 03-7880 0088, submit your contact details on the CGC website @ www.cgc.com.my if you are interested to participate in the programmes. Don’t forget to connect with us via CGC Malaysia Facebook @CGCmy and Instagram @CGCmalaysia.