Volunteers from Cargill Malaysia and Rise Against Hunger Malaysia assembled food packets with high nutritional value which will be distributed to lower-income households

Cargill has partnered with Rise Against Hunger to implement a two-year sustainable nutrition program designed to alleviate nutritional deficiency among the underprivileged B40 community as part of its commitment to Malaysia and its purpose of nourishing the world in a safe and sustainable way

Over 160 volunteers from Cargill put together high-nutrition food packets containing items like rice, dhal, dried vegetables, vitamins, and minerals with a long shelf life. Through this multi-year program, Cargill will be facilitating the distribution of over 60,000 food packets to help 240,000 individuals in affected communities, including the Orang Asli community and refugees.

According to Fahmi Fadzil, Member of Parliament of Lembah Pantai, who attended the launch: At a time when food security in Malaysia, as in many other countries, is affected by global supply chain and geopolitical issues, we must find workable alternatives to tide us over until things get better.

“But fundamentally, food solutions such as the ones prepared by Cargill today will help people who are in an emergency situation. At the same time, the way of looking at emergency food supply should be expanded, and I invite relevant government agencies and NGOs to consider this approach.”

“For the last 44 years in Malaysia, our purpose has been at the core of everything we do and our commitment to the country has only strengthened year-over-year. This initiative is in line with our global commitment to finding sustainable solutions that end hunger and malnutrition so that every family in need has access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food.

“For us, this is about doing the right thing in the communities where we operate. Ending hunger needs a systemic approach, and more importantly, needs to be based on human values. We are proud to take this mission forward”, said Chandramohan Nair, Director, Cargill Malaysia.

As sustainable nutrition is a huge component of this initiative – long-lasting, shelf-stable food is key to delivering this promise. Malnutrition is not something that can be resolved in one sitting but rather takes a continuous effort through the provision of high-nutrition, long shelf-life food packets which can be used to supplement nutritional needs for daily consumption.

“Cargill’s commitment to the community truly helps us grow towards our goal of ending hunger during post-pandemic,” said Tiki Keh, President, Rise Against Hunger Malaysia. “Rise Against Hunger has the experience and presence on the ground to effect real change in these affected communities and we are happy to be working together with Cargill, our long-term partner, over the years to alleviate malnutrition in the B40 community while raising nutrition awareness amongst Malaysians.”

Cargill has been conducting business in Malaysia since 1978. Today, its businesses encompass vegetable oil refining and production of value-added products, grain and oilseeds distribution, animal nutrition, sales and marketing of starches, sweeteners and texturisers as well as cocoa and chocolate products


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