With growing competition in the market, F&B establishments are coming under pressure to stand out in an ever more competitive market.

Increasingly, many restaurants and bars are turning to dining experiences to draw customers, rather than solely relying on good food. The social experience of eating out has as much to do with the food as it does the ambience and the company. We are, after all, social creatures.

Additionally, people also bond over TV entertainment. Think about watching big English Premier League or World Cup matches on screen with friends, or catching a hotly anticipating season finale with your loved ones. Why not combine the two, and use TV entertainment to give your customers even more reason to visit?

Longer Visits, Higher Spends

Beyond simply enhancing the atmosphere, having a TV in an F&B outlet can entice longer visits, resulting in bigger overall spends.

People tend to linger over their favourite TV programs, or one that catches their eye. This, combined with attentive service, will get customers to spend more on an extra drink or snack.

F&B outlets can also emphasise their modern, high-tech atmosphere by building their marketing around TV entertainment, as well as leveraging seasonal events like the EPL or the Olympics. This can also attract high spenders who will be willing to visit a particular outlet centred around themed programming.

Which brings us to…

Setting the Right Theme

Simply having a TV is not enough. F&B operators will have to choose the correct programming to suit their venue and choice of customers.

The most obvious real-life example of themed venue and programming are sports bars. Showing live sports at a bar to patrons looking to have a good time with their friends is a proven formula that works.

But F&B operators can look beyond that to other programs that can bring in customers. For example, cafés can show news programming during the day to keep customers informed. They can also show movies during slower afternoon shifts to keep guests staying longer. Even quick-service restaurants can jump on the TV bandwagon – TV shows can make longer wait times seem shorter, as well as create a more welcoming environment.

Furthermore, F&B outlets seeking a more specialised theme can even use TV programming to enhance the ambience even further. For instance, Japanese and Korean restaurants can subscribe to NHK World HD or Oh!K respectively on Astro not only for the ambience, but also to attract Japanese and Korean-speaking patrons.

Subscribe Legally

While standard free-to-air stations are adequate for general programming, F&B operators seeking specialised or themed programming will need to subscribe to services like Astro Business to legally broadcast programs within the premises.

Although it’s tempting cost-wise, the use of Android-based TV boxes is illegal. Enforcement from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) means service from these boxes may be banned at any time, as well as exposing the owner to the risk of fines and/or prison time. By subscribing to Astro Business, F&B operators have peace of mind and do not need to worry about random checks by enforcement officers.

Are You Using the Right Subscription?

Did you know that using a home account to broadcast Astro football matches to a bar constitutes copyright infringement? Use of the IPTV set top box to broadcast content on business premises without a valid business subscription may allow Astro to take action against the business. Essentially, F&B operators need to subscribe to Astro’s commercial package to ensure broadcasting rights are 100 percent legal.

Subscribers to Astro Business not only gain peace of mind, they can also get several benefits, including up to RM1500 worth of Astro Go Shop vouchers and a 15 percent discount on SME advertising rates on Astro Media Sales & Solutions.

Pair that with Astro’s unmatched variety of channels, any F&B outlet can find a program to match their venue. With a wide selection of HD local and international content as well as exclusive live events, customers are sure to be entertained and come back for more. Flexible channel packages are available, allowing operators to customise their programming mix while keeping an eye on cost.

For more information, visit the Astro Business website, or call +603-9544 7566, or email astroBusinessSupport@astro.com.my.



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