Capillary Technologies recently announced a joint marketing agreement with American Express in which American Express will introduce Capillary’s industry-leading Intelligent Customer Engagement™ solutions to select medium-sized retail merchants in the U.S.  Capillary’s solutions enable merchants to engage with their customers across in-store, social media, e-mail, local and mobile channels, with a view to increasing shopper loyalty and fueling online and physical store sales. 

“Many retailers are looking for ways to help them strengthen engagement and loyalty with their customers,” said Luke Gebb, senior vice president, Merchant Services, American Express.  “We are pleased to add Capillary to the range of services we offer merchants to help grow their businesses and to help address this specific need.” 

Over the past year, American Express and Capillary conducted a pilot programme in Singapore in which American Express introduced Capillary’s SaaS-based platform to select mid-sized retail merchants.  The success of the pilot programme led to the joint marketing arrangement in the U.S. , where American Express will connect interested retailers with Capillary.

“I could think of no better brand to work with than American Express as we expand our services in the U.S.,” said Aneesh Reddy, co-founder and CEO of Capillary Technologies. “We are thrilled to be working with American Express on value-added solutions for their retail merchants.”

Today, shoppers interact with retailers through multiple channels at different times, perhaps browsing merchandise online and later completing the purchase in a retailer’s store.  A consumer who opts in to receive communications from a retailer may receive an offer for “free shipping on winter apparel” via Facebook, browse outerwear on the retailer’s web site, and then visit the retailer’s store to purchase a coat a day later.  These separate interactions need to be tied into one customer communication stream—building a single view of the customer—so the retailer can recognise that it’s the same person interacting with it through all three of those channels.

Capillary’s suite of Intelligent Customer Engagement™ solutions enables retailers to capture and analyse data on customer behaviour and shopping preferences through social media, e-mail, in store, local and mobile channels and arms marketers and in-store sales associates with a host of intuitive tools for cross-selling, up-selling and strengthening customer engagement, and increasing loyalty and return on marketing investment.  Capillary’s intelligent CRM solutions enable merchants to provide real-time personalised recommendations to shoppers and offer relevant promotions across any channel they choose.  This includes physical stores, retailer web sites, e-newsletters, mobile apps, mobile-enabled sites, and relevant social media including Facebook fan pages and Twitter.


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