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Cannon Hygiene, a premium washroom services provider in more than 40 countries around the world has announced an investment of RM15 million in Malaysia over the next three to five years. The company is also set to change the landscape of the washroom industry bringing in a new design revolution to commercial washrooms with the launch of its new washroom range – Imagine!

The range, designed by a leading Portuguese design company, took its inspiration from the triangle in Cannon Hygiene’s logo. It follows a growing style trend of using geometric shapes to form distinctive and sculptural ideas.

From the initial concept, a range of geometric dispensers, tailored to the functionality of each product was developed. The result is a unified global range of high quality and innovative dispensers.

Speaking at the launch, Ms. Heather Suksem OBE, Chief Executive Officer, OCS Group, South, Southeast Asia and Middle East said, “We see the Asia Pacific region, specifically South East Asia (SEA) as the next growth area as there is a great opportunity for improvement in hygienic and washroom services. As the population is becoming more educated on improved hygiene requirements, the demand for high quality, innovative and hygienic products and services will escalate.”

The Imagine range, according to Suksem is set to revolutionise design in commercial washrooms across a number of areas – external design, unique functionality, colour adaptability and RFID capability.

“While we have seen increased innovation and design of domestic bathrooms over the years, we found designs of commercial washrooms continue to lag. This has now changed with the launch of theImagine range.  Organisations now have the opportunity to design and brand a space, which is probably the most visited part of any business and carries the powerful message that they care for the well being of  their customers and staff,” remarked Suksem.

Cannon Hygiene in South, Southeast Asia and Middle East is a major contributor to the global Cannon Hygiene business especially in Malaysia where the company has a strong Management & Operations Team and client base, she added, Cannon Hygiene expects to continuously experience a double digit growth on a year-on-year basis for the next three to five years with approximately GBP15 million of investment.

Included in this is Malaysia, Cannon Hygiene Malaysia is also expecting double digit growth and will greatly increase its contribution to global business in the coming years.

“Plans are set to invest up to RM15 million in Malaysia. Cannon Hygiene Malaysia has a strong commitment in growing our business locally and plan to increase our network from the current three branches in Selangor, Penang and Johor to 14 branches including Sabah and Sarawak in five years’ time,” enthused Mr. Sheldon Wee, Managing Director of Cannon Hygiene Malaysia and Singapore.

The company, he added, intends to increase its workforce to 300 staff within the next three to five years, supported by a fleet size of 80 vehicles.

“Cannon Hygiene is known from the beginning for being an innovator in the market. We pioneered UK’s first free standing sanitary disposal service and introduced Activap™ the world’s most advanced proven effective in-use germicide for feminine hygiene waste disposal, making us one of the market leaders in the world today.

“Now, with the launch of the Imagine range, we are bringing in yet another innovation that comes with global standard of washroom products and services to users in Malaysia. Ultimately, our objective is to promote personal hygiene conditions and boost awareness of hygienic environment among Malaysians,” affirmed Wee.



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