Malaysia Stock Exchange opted Oracle technologies to improve agent productivity, accelerate response time and enhances customer satisfaction

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) today announces Bursa Malaysia (previously known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, KLSE), as one of the largest exchange houses in Asia, has implemented Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to improve its customer care and services as to record, track and escalate all inquiries and complaints that Bursa Malaysia’s customer care team receives.

On record, the adoption of Oracle has helped Bursa Malaysia reduced a large volume of basic inquiries, improved response time by 80%, slashed customer complaints by more than 70%, and cut staff costs by 40%. In addition, Bursa Malaysia can now generate real-time management reports that previously took up to three weeks to create.

Jimmy Cheah, managing director of Oracle Corporation Malaysia said, “Malaysian organizations need to move beyond their existing technology infrastructure and simplify it. Bursa Malaysia is leveraging cloud technologies to save costs, implement business solutions faster and importantly, serve its customers better.

“Bursa Malaysia is exemplifying the way forward for the financial services industry and Oracle is proud to be its technology partner,” Cheah added.

Bursa Malaysia considered several vendors and chose Oracle RightNow Web Self Service Cloud Service because competing solutions did not have as many out-of-the-box features, such as web self-service.

Bursa Malaysia’s customer care manager, Saidi Ahmad said, “We were impressed with Oracle RightNow’s robust features and pre-built data integration. Oracle RightNow has completely changed the way we run customer care. It records and tracks a large number of interactions, escalates them to various departments, and provides management reports and status updates at the touch of a button for accurate and fully verified information.”

Bursa Malaysia implemented Oracle’s technologies to resolve the challenges faced in customer service. At the same time, it enabled the customer care team to provide consistent responses to investors, public listed companies, research students, trading partners, and Malaysian government agencies across all channels.

“We chose Oracle RightNow Cloud Service because it is a proven solution that we could implement quickly. My team adapted well to the new system, requiring very little training,” Ahmad ended.


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